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I Have Unintentionally Bought This


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I don't think it's going well.


What he said^^


I arrived in Exeter at 2.00 and went straight to the car, the neighbour of the deseased owner of 27 years was handling the sale. As I started it up I thought it sounded rather too much like a beetle for my liking and as usual decided to press on without checking fluids. I got lost, almost ended up on Exmoor until I figured out what I was doing and went back through Exeter and it's shite traffic, back out on the A30 and was happily pootling along at 60mph when climbing a hill it sounded dreadfully loud, suspecting engine problems I pulled in at the first lay-by somewhere near Honiton where it conked out. It was at that point that I sensibly decided to check the fluids. No oil on the dip stick, plenty of oil on the block, oil at the back wheel strangely and drips on the concrete, I called a VERY nice man:



I snoozed all the way back to Clapham.


On arrival at work I filled full of oil, topped up the water and started her. Of course when I was in the lay-by without oil I couldn't try to start her in case I seized the block but with fresh oil it was bloody obvious that the exhaust had gone at the start of the straight section, the engine through the noise of the exhaust sounded pretty good, so maybe all is not lost!


Exeter to Clapham, 8 hours and still got all my petrol!

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Breakdown cover is marvellous innit. I never used to bother with it, saying 'AA cover is for gays (or some other such bigoted rubbish) I just carry a box of tools and fix whatever goes wrong as it happens' this philosophy worked well for about 15 years and gave me a few good 'ray mears' roadside repair stories to brag about. But then I found that going out with Ms_Bol entitles me to 'free' breakdown cover off the RAC. Not long after this discovery, the (new!) alternator on my Volvo expired on a long journey, causing it to break down irreparably on the M1, so rather than getting tigerbummed by a motorway recovery company I completed my journey FOC on the back of an RAC lorry. Marvellous!


Saab looks great!!!! Does it have headrests? I wonder if I could persuade Ms_XolloB into one of these.

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There are no headrests in this little beauty!


A little gander at it this morning shows the air filter missing and the breathers pumping oil into the air filter housing, in effect it's being powered by two stroke fuel I guess.

What I intend to do is take the housing off, clean the carb which is black with oil residue, clean the breathers and see where it goes from there. Now to source an exhaust pipe!

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best of luck with it Vek me old china


speaking of breakdown rescue if you are a serious shitter - ie you use shite kit as your daily and only transport then it is critical to have rescue.


Not that I, perhaps being a bit low on petrol money and needing to get 400 miles home, have ever set off in a vehicle knowing damn fine it won't get more than 20 miles especially because someone has perhaps walloped the dizzy cap with a spanner to crack it and then use the nice AA relay service to drive myself and said vehicle home.....shhhhhhhhh :wink:

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Had to do something similar after an especially heavy drinking session at a mates. Too far from home, well over the limit -I drained the battery flat, then phoned for help.


AA wont jump or bump 'exotic' Italians -so a free, safe, legal, lift home for me. Battery had recovered enough (just) to start & drive off the lorry..

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I think the most efficient form of roadtrip is when at least part is spent on the back of an AA truck :wink:


There's a SAAB guy closer to home too.




At least I presume he is still there. He did the driveshaft gaiters for me as I felt a bit out of touch with FWD. He certainly had a knack as they were done in no time at all while I watched. His arch was stacked with second hand parts.

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