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17 hours ago, flat4alfa said:


Various people think that this car was owned by the Beatles. It was not.

The car was owned by Dandie Fashions of 167 Kings Road.

Sixties City - Swinging London - Chelsea and the Kings Road


161 Dandie Fashions October 1966 became Apple Tailoring May 1968 and then The Rag Machine c.1972:

Dandie Fashions originally opened in October 1966, in South Kensington, and was owned jointly by Tara Browne and John Crittle with associates Alan Holston, Neil Winterbottom and Freddie Hornik. Fashions and tailoring was supplied by Foster & Tara, a business Tara Browne had set up with Pops and Cliff Foster, a father and son team.

Dandie moved to 161 King's Road at the beginning of 1967, by which time Tara Browne had been killed in the high profile car accident. The external mural decoration was carried out by BEV (Binder, Edwards and Vaughn) and was where The Beatles bought many of their clothes. The establishment also had a psychedelic multi-coloured Bentley, used to transport important customers to various clubs and party venues around London, that was commissioned from BEV at the same time as the shop front. Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie were also big customers and it was Dandie that supplied Bowie's 'Ziggy Stardust' outfit. Note: The shop and clothing labels were, at various times, named 'Dandie' or 'Dandy'.

Apple Tailoring (Civil and Theatrical): From Thursday 23rd May 1968 the premises were 'shared' with The Beatles' Apple Corporation, to become their second 'boutique' outlet, that closed within a year. Apple's Neil Aspinall and company accountant Stephen Maltz became directors of Dandie as part of this agreement. The short-lived business was run by 25 year-old Australian John Crittle and had a hairdressing salon in the basement run by Leslie Cavendish.

The car was painted by BEV, who did load of psychedelic stuff in the '60s.

Sixties City - Binder Edwards and Vaughan - BEV

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