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Daewoo Esperos


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1 hour ago, GR8 PL8 M8 said:

Bonus LDV!

Like getting laid then finding out you caught AIDS. 

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5 hours ago, GR8 PL8 M8 said:

Here's the photo, fortunately there were no injuries.


Bonus LDV!

Got to be the LDV's fault, tho?

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Another one ready to leave now - destined only for the metal crusher unfortunately.  A real shame as it was a tidy car prior to it's accident. 

Next step, to make my other one turn over.






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59 minutes ago, fatharris said:

Not worth saving the side windows etc then? Is it interchangeable with the Cavalier stuff?

IIRC the Espero has an entirely different body that has nothing in common with the Cavalier. The Nexia was a facelifted Astra but the Espero used only the Cavalier floorpan with totally new bodywork that as noted above was a rejected Bertone design for the Xantia.

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