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Exhaust Question specific to the Omega.

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This is a question to the Omega owners on Autoshite and mechanics, and people who know their parts catalogues. 

I quote from the post I made at OOF 

So, my whole system is fairly rusty, with a holes developing on down pipe on passenger side, probably near the pre cat.

The back box is falling apart.

So whilst a member just across the Mersey is selling a CAT back Jetex, I'd still need to sort out the CATs, and to be fair, I can't justify the cost of even a second hand stainless system.

I digress.  The cost of a 3.0 down pipe and Cat is very much less than the cost of a 3.2 system.

So based on this thread, I conclude that I could fit a 3.0 Cat:


Is that right ?

If it is I think I've worked out the cheapest 3 combinations on eBay, to replace the whole lot.




Obviously if there's a better way?

I also realise that I probably should be fitting type approved Cats but i think my car is very slightly earlier than the deadline.

So basically my questions are ?
Will they fit?
Is there a better way?
Any thing I haven't considered?

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Non-Omega specific reply I'm afraid..........

I replaced the cat on my old CRV because the flanges were rotten and I couldn't be arsed welding it back up at the time. The flanges were rotten on the whole system, not just the cat  and I could get the whole lot including cat for a reasonable price off ebay. 

I went from an emissions reading of zero with the 184000 mile stock cat to only just scraping an emissions pass with the cheap aftermarket cat. The aftermarket cat was only on the car for a few weeks before the next MOT was done as well so who knows if it would have passed the next emissions test. I sold the car shortly after and the next owner fragged it when the MOT expired as far as I know so we'll never know the answer.

Based on that experience I'd never replace a stock cat again if it was possible to weld the old one back up. If it were me I'd replace cat back with new and get the rest patched up.

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If any of these look like they may fit bring me some beer in exchange. I’ve no idea what they’re for, was told carlton, then someone said omega. I still don’t know. Done have EXGM part numbers but no ones been able to identify them. I know they aren’t the cat your after but if it’s of use then good job. 




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They don't look like that. 

I have an offer off the Omega Owners Forum, for a stainless Jetex for £195, ( cat back), a set if 3.0 Cats ( which will need a new boss adding to each for the extra sensors the 3.2 have ) for £50, 

Or the Cats and a mild steel system for £75 all in.

The good thing about the 3.0 Cats is they are slightly better flowing than the 3.2 with preCats. 

They are all about 35 mins drive away on the Wirral. 

There's also someone breaking a 3.2 in Daventry with 3.2 Cats, but have yet to discuss the price. 

I'll have to find someone to fit it all. 

I'm thinking that I should go for the Jetex and 3.0 Cats on the Wirral.  

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