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BFG resistance is futile - Cookie's adventures in shiteing


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At approx 2pm today, I am off to inspect and hopefully buy a car that has been on my wishlist for many years.

I am travelling on the basis of one quite bad picture on the sellers gumtree add and a couple of phone calls.

Seller has informed me that car has some rust spots on bonnet, giffer mark (possibly bad) on rear bumper and car makes a funny noise when pulling away, but idles smoothly and quietly. Needs a service in a few weeks, but has a box file of service history.

No idea if box file has one receipt in it or hundreds. Car is 20 yrs old with 164k on clock, so I am hoping it has many many receipts and invoices.

First owner had car from new. Present owner has had it 6 weeks.

Had a new waterpump about 6 weeks ago.

Asking price is 600 squids. I do know it's been advertised for a month and he started at 895. Says there is a little wiggle room in current price.

Breakfast - not had any yet

Poo count - 0

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On 4/17/2020 at 4:16 PM, Cookiesouwest said:

Sadly no train station near me or seller.

What do you mean?  Midsomer Norton has a station; you can get as far as, um....., the cutting before Chilcompton 'tunnel'.  Some weekends.  But not all.

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