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flexible warm day project

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Flexi has parted on the focus , its held together by mutual attraction , suspect it has gone on for some time


I get some hissing when the car is booted ..


some strange vibration sounds from the heat shield and pipes depending on speed/load/temp.


this is not helped by the suspicious cracks around the mounting bolt !!




access from the top ,,it can be seen , access below is quite good with a join just under the floor , 2 bolts to round off




the bolts on the manifold dont look too bad !




I have raw materials to hand that I am considering using ........ is this flexi pipe stuff ok for the job ?




I feel a quite good feeling about this with a 80% of a lasting repair that will see the car throu the next mot and perhaps a bit longer






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Like I said if you are local I’ve one you can have if you are passing.


I’d get a pair of nuts and bolts, 17mm I think they are for the flange where it meets the Cat. Possibly have to cut them off. Plus replacing the manifold gasket is an idea. The studs should come out easy but be aware there’s a central 13mm bolt holding the manifold to the head, rest are the usual brass nuts of the studs which will probably wind out with the stud.


Then you’ll need to swap the O2 sensor, IIRC it’s a 22mm fitting. Best removing that with the manifold in the vice, removed from the car.

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this week end I will be oiling  the nuts and let them soak  to see if they will crack off next weekend  ..


If they do I will be more than happy to fit a new down pipe , I dont have the mot till May :-)



I was quoted 3 to 4 hours work at 50 squids an hour . plus parts , plus VAT by one garage , took the hint they did not want the job

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Four hours... fuck me, I’m assuming he’s planning on shearing a few bolts. You might find it just as quick to cut the old bolts off at the CAT flange. Use a good 6 sided deep socket for the manifold to head nuts. Don’t fuck about with 12 sided jobs.

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