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  1. and it probably broke because the hipsters were trying to do 80mph in it
  2. almost like fuel line needs changing every 12-18 months now
  3. just had the polo in for its mot...spotted a rubber fuel line about to let go , about 3 years old do yourself a favour and check your old hoses before your car goes on fire
  4. made me laugh as almost kinda says bum
  5. makes you want to make a fake account and bid 10k on it
  6. poverty mk2 polo ...no passenger interior light switch but the wiring is there aygos /c1 no passenger switch or wiring
  7. see that sort of stupidness a bit on the vw forums....nice clean car for sale , some mong asks how much for wing mirror m8 ?
  8. some types cant not barter , if you had 6 month old ferrari £1500 theyd ask whats best price will you take £375 doesnt always work out while theyre pestering to buy it for a used sandal or magic carpet sometimes a genuine buyer comes along with real money and you can strike up fair deal
  9. will f*ck lots of people...so now you need that extra ££ to fill the tank , you might not head into town and buy those new shoes or a takeaway or pint in the pub...so helps finish off the high street too
  10. convenient way to get plebs off the road eh , sorry boss not my fault Russians innit , no incentive to lower the prices cus theres plenty of tax rolling in or i guess some of us are about to wake up to drilled tanks/cut fuel lines etc
  11. you read about the american fuel crisis in the 70s and you couldnt give away muscle cars etc.... might be time to stash some juicy motors if theyre cheap although i expect its the begining of the end...force plebs out of cars , billy big bollcks can still run a new range rover and buy the wife a leccy car , while scumbag with the £500 car to use for work is fucked over
  12. we will just have to go out less..often drive to another town for shopping /day out etc , that will have to stop so we can afford to go to work , already run a 56mpg aygo, its the amount it uses its the price of it on the other hand im holding out for price drops on big block dodge chargers and will snap one up if they get under £1500 lol
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