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  1. watching this music vid on tv and ooh ooh an old car then thought about it...at the time of the video the car is as old as my focus lol
  2. could you run a straight edge along the sill area to straighten it ...its bugging me but yeah nice job
  3. bit on the plump side now , but wasnt back then ...nah doesnt sound like me i was in the paint shop with a chap called chris , there was like a line started with 2 guys making the body , then it came to the paint shop , then off for assembly an trim , was a chap there that daily'd a model A pick up too
  4. https://wimpy.uk.com/food-stories/bender-bun one for your urban dictionary
  5. i worked there for a while , they werent nothing special like a factory made kit car i guess
  6. how much is a cleaner one with 12months mot? could get a replacement and use that as a spares car ?
  7. used wheels n tyres from scraper /ebay , diy the brake job and see if someone will weld it for a fair price?
  8. doesnt sound like the sort of car to be paying a garage to fix any scope of diying it ...or most of it ? my polo would have cost me 1000s in garage bills but i do everything i can myself even if it means buying tools
  9. be wary that you will be made a fool out of " nut job collects 100s of hoovers" type of article laughing at you let em jog on i i were you
  10. do not post the link on any online forums /pages in the hope he gets more hassle
  11. cheers ordered a couple of boxes...be ok for the price i bet
  12. did you buy that oznone machine or rent it ? sounds good
  13. gotta be a few time bombs out there , non enthusiast has the car repaired and doesnt creep around it checkign stuff or hidden near the tank or an engine cover
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