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  1. was going to suggest the same...also comes in the right colour give or take
  2. yeah was common back then , dads had been bodged up at around 10 years old
  3. cracking find there , cleaned up a treat , wont find many like that
  4. always ask about "oh what oil does it take for top ups?" if they look stunned and "wots oil m8 "then bad sign , or "ah yes it uses 100cc of mobil 1 for 7k miles "
  5. then they get in a rage when you point out theyve never been anywhere japan and all made in czech
  6. and it probably broke because the hipsters were trying to do 80mph in it
  7. almost like fuel line needs changing every 12-18 months now
  8. just had the polo in for its mot...spotted a rubber fuel line about to let go , about 3 years old do yourself a favour and check your old hoses before your car goes on fire
  9. made me laugh as almost kinda says bum
  10. makes you want to make a fake account and bid 10k on it
  11. poverty mk2 polo ...no passenger interior light switch but the wiring is there aygos /c1 no passenger switch or wiring
  12. see that sort of stupidness a bit on the vw forums....nice clean car for sale , some mong asks how much for wing mirror m8 ?
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