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  1. broken tail light m8?
  2. first time i ever saw one of these yesterday ...guess not that rare, ugly beast
  3. steveo3002

    Stop smoke

    just think how nice it would be with 2 cans... keep adding it until it wont crank when cold
  4. steveo3002

    Stop smoke

    when its down to min..are you gonna stick another can in ? or some lucas oil?
  5. dont really get these videos ...who the hell is going to have a 50ltr+ set of equipment, then another tank to transport it home to mess about with every fill up either have your shed burn down and get some lurgy from the fumes etc
  6. realistic engine sounds ftw
  7. early 90s for me...last mk2 golfs , mk4 escorts .....as a vw fan the mk3 golf wasnt good, mk5 escorts sucked etc
  8. i still see buying nicer tyres good value..okay the cars are worthless but if i put one in a ditch how long to find another car thats had all its bits tickled , then insurance hassle etc if you skid into someone in the slush plus i think they last that bit longer to cover the spends anyway
  9. points at 200k 2004 focus outside cough cough
  10. most non car thickso's seem to think its a full refurbishment of the car and its fit to drive to africa and back ...."have you ever changed the oil sir?" - mot 9 months ago innit
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