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  1. id try and buy a decent cap and arm....somewhere like avs car parts will sell you the right one for not too much money pref bosch/beru brand
  2. try telling people you can paint cars ...everyones your pal if they think you can patch up thier shitbox for a case of beer , all goes silent when you mention 1000s of pounds would be involved
  3. theres always been chancers in the motor trade that little to no skills , back when i started driving they was around , good for brakes and oil changes , and try and bluff thier way through anything harder
  4. when i had some i asked on local fb groups ...they was almost fighting over them trying to outbid each other to collect
  5. the worker needs to check for fires often , stuff will catch fire but its fine when you spot it and put it out
  6. orion were always urinal round these parts bora = borat citroen =shitroen, which in fairness is what they should be called from the dealers
  7. first time i ever saw one of these yesterday ...guess not that rare, ugly beast
  8. steveo3002

    Stop smoke

    just think how nice it would be with 2 cans... keep adding it until it wont crank when cold
  9. steveo3002

    Stop smoke

    when its down to min..are you gonna stick another can in ? or some lucas oil?
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