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  1. ever driven a car that you can view the road through the floor
  2. does your other half have no other choice than to travel in well aged ,slightly soiled motor vehicles
  3. have you ever made a structual repair with newspaper /chicken wire/filler /fibre glass? do you keep filler and fibre glass in stock? do people know you as "youre the one with the xxx car " not by name?
  4. i find nearly always these faults are met with mumbling about mot still valid ...no engine oil yeah mate got 3 months mot somewhere in history its been drummed into these morons that the mot a full refurbishment to like new , even smart people , rich people etc just cannot be told ...scuse me sir all 4 tyres are smooth , yeah leaving that till the mot ! mrs got a mate that finishes every car off by running it out of oil ...then spouts off xxx brand are crap left me stranded on motorway etc warms my urine!
  5. i did my tailgate sticker dry....go around and lay it in place and tape it so its in the right place , i started in the middle and worked out to the edges
  6. crease looks pretty shit would annoy me if i paid £70 sheets ....if theyre causing damage then the machine isnt right for the job , lets face it folk in sheds can cut a bit of sheet out ive dealt with companys that are up thier own arses before ..had an exhaust that wastnt even close to fitting ...nah mate its great you must be a thicko that cant fit it
  7. not a problem to first owner with warrenty...they dont give a **** about em when theyre 20 years old but can still cost ££££ to keep right
  8. the good ol photo it in the rain trick very rarely see a bargain these days , it the sort of thing id talk myself into ....1000 cheaper than a working one then spend 1800 making it work and still have a dog i guess if you dont plan to fix any of it then carry on...but by the time its fixed and all the hidden faults fixed it will cost the same as a decent one anyway....prob be getting cheaper over winter too
  9. thats a junior timer plug...plenty on ebay , or depin that one and just fit new crimps
  10. nah dad had taken us into the airfield ...managed to lose me while filming it too lol was stood near the hangers iirc...cant remmber much was about 4yrs old lol
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