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  1. any facebook market place sniffers on here? i keep trying to search for cars and local car related toot ..seems potluck whats shown , sometimes the ad will say posted an hour ago , another time it brings up stuff posted a week ago any tips on getting the most accurate new postings instead of a mixed bag?
  2. you will find everyone you speak to is a painting expert and has some tale of how thier mate 1500'd down the car and gave it 27 coats of paint and how it won shows , all experts until its time to pick up the gun
  3. if you can prep it yourself chances are you could paint it too,,,the hardest bit is good prep dont read too much into what you see on dealer wheelers , its all made up and so are the prices...take a diy prep'd job to any decent painter they will laugh at it and charge you more to put it right , and any future issues will all be cus of your prep guv
  4. id expect to pay 2-3k for a really nice job with warrenty etc you will get told prices from £500 painted in a yard all the way to over 5k if you can remove lights , trims , door handles etc then thats less labour to pay...decent painters wont want you to help with the prep
  5. whats the part number , cant see it online does look a nicer set than the first link
  6. yeah i recon the staff have given you the wrong set lol
  7. the first post shows non ratchet spanners , your pic shows ratchet spanners , pliers and all sorts ...which is it ? the link takes me to a set without ratchet spanners and pliers etc
  8. steveo3002


    my dad had one when it was near new , was a peice of crap then , cant see why on earth you would want to own one , plenty of cheap cars that do a better job than these where they actually still sell parts and manuals for them etc
  9. its copper thats banned because it work hardens , kunifer has been factory fit on volvos /porsche etc no reason not to use kunifer , bends an flares as easy as copper and price is within a couple of quid
  10. funny years ago an exhaust didnt last me 2 years , the focus has its original one still at 165k miles yet the inner arches are shot to bits lol
  11. yet plastic was accpetable on the fronts of the same car and 99% of others made
  12. unbelivable that dozens of car guys must have thought these up and ticked them off as a good idea
  13. dont think id do petty ....maybe diesel , ive had good results running a litre of atf with the oil , drain /repeat with cheap stuff until its clear if its not high tech then you could run it on neat diesel at idle and dump it out ....check out youtube
  14. boiled linseed oil works a treat heat gun ruins them eventually by leaching all the oils out the plastic
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