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  1. nah dad had taken us into the airfield ...managed to lose me while filming it too lol was stood near the hangers iirc...cant remmber much was about 4yrs old lol
  2. theyre shockingly shit , my dad had one that was nearly new and it sucked then if youre just wanting a cheap motor , then no run away ...almost anything else will be a better drive if you want forum points for suffering the shittiest car and enjoy the most misrible motoring possible then crack on
  3. buy on condition not what the speedo says ....kinda depends if its been sat in a damp field all those years or some old duffers heated garage
  4. worst case she can get on ebay /gumtrree etc and buy the cheapest trailor that someone can deliver , dump that there
  5. how much and where for the 107...and does it have a/c
  6. watching this music vid on tv and ooh ooh an old car then thought about it...at the time of the video the car is as old as my focus lol
  7. could you run a straight edge along the sill area to straighten it ...its bugging me but yeah nice job
  8. bit on the plump side now , but wasnt back then ...nah doesnt sound like me i was in the paint shop with a chap called chris , there was like a line started with 2 guys making the body , then it came to the paint shop , then off for assembly an trim , was a chap there that daily'd a model A pick up too
  9. https://wimpy.uk.com/food-stories/bender-bun one for your urban dictionary
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