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wheel question

messerschmitt owner

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I have 17in alloys on my Mercedes E320cdi W210 - they're sprayed black and I'd quite like to put some more sensible 16in alloys on.

I've the opportunity to get some ET46 wheels rather than ET41 as fitted - what kind of difference will that 5mm offset make - will it foul the brakes or will I be OK?

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5mm higher ET means the rims will be further in, so could potentially (but doubtful) fowl the inner arch of the car (more likely on the front).

Are the tyres the same size or is the width of the new tyres narrower? if the new tyre is 10mm narrower then the wheels shouldn't* be any further in than before ... but they will stick out less making the track slightly narrower.


Going from 17" to 16" has a possibility of the wheels fowling the brakes though, I doubt the brakes are that big, so you should be in that respect.

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