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  1. Where is the long haired hippy bloke?
  2. Non taken. But I actually like some of the content the guy has posted, before and on this thread too. If that makes me an enabler then I am fine with that. But people just popping up on his posts just to take the piss and join all the other lads surrounding the bullied one is fucking annoying.
  3. Absolutely don't blame you one bit mate. If you could post or DM me a link to your other media I am certainly interested to see how things progress with all the great things you have going on!
  4. I don't come on Autoshite much anymore and this thread is exactly why. The bloke has disposable cash and wants to follow a bit of a dream and just goes for it. He has some mental health issues but is fine at the moment thankfully, but some of the comments against him are frankly disgraceful and could depress anyone, let alone someone with issues. He wins thread of the year and is now frankly ridiculed, disgusting. What happened to just being an eccentric Englishman? Were they banned in the new 'woke' laws? The biggest shock is that he has took all that shite and still hung around. This place isn't what it used to be...
  5. Why are you on this thread and reading it? From all your comments you are nothing but negative and disrespectful. Why not just hop on another thread more to your liking? 🙄
  6. Maybe not so much tat but described as 'a lovely old thing' 1997 Nissan QX 2 Litre V6 24V 4DR saloon. Manual In grey only 75k. Price? £590 and probably negotiable.?
  7. Did a wild beast chew one of your pants legs off last night?
  8. The owner of this Landie has been wheelie clever sourcing a new wing.
  9. Managed to vote on January, moved onto Feb then just get this? Oops! Something went wrong! [#10355]You must cast your vote in each question of the poll
  10. Most comfiest car of ever I have driven. Like sitting in your fave old armchair.
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