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  1. Did a wild beast chew one of your pants legs off last night?
  2. The owner of this Landie has been wheelie clever sourcing a new wing.
  3. Managed to vote on January, moved onto Feb then just get this? Oops! Something went wrong! [#10355]You must cast your vote in each question of the poll
  4. Most comfiest car of ever I have driven. Like sitting in your fave old armchair.
  5. If any of you lot insult my town im off too !
  6. Get the airbag(s) checked out. Could be the shrapnel killing variety.
  7. Wow, some serious skillz here. Thread of the year material!
  8. That was a bit rude, punish yourself, immediately.
  9. Lots of cool buttons controls in that cockpit, any chance of a walk through?
  10. Let it ride, if he bids that and it wins, he's happy, so are you.
  11. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201808229745772
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