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  1. Jesus christ. The guy prefers cash. Why are people so militant about this?
  2. That's the one, bloody expensive now though! https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-4379810/Twin-engine-Citroen-2CV-Sahara-sells-68-000.html
  3. If not posted already..... "Morris traveller pickup project for sale 5.000 ono when done worth 15.000 just don't have the time" Oh dear...hoping it's £5, not £5k for a project. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/268805727766390
  4. Ah...l think I'm getting confused...the other ones that were good are for sale separately! Some proper tat in that back garden. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/675506136379331 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2618165821798949
  5. Agreed, I think most people will look at the advert and be very confused as to what exactly is being offered. Think they were originally up for £1800, the guy knows nothing about cars and just wants them gone so I suspect an offer of even less than £1k would take them. Thankfully I have no room at the inn for them or I might be tempted!
  6. These are owned by an old workmate of mine, he bought a giffers house about 3 years ago and the chap left the cars there. Two are totally beyond repair. The third is actually quite nice, he asked me to come and see if I could get it running. After a bit of fettling got it running ok off an external tank, my god it was smoky to start off with! Just needed a new fuel pump from what I remember. There was a tasty Wartburg camper type thing too (can be seen in the background) - that just needed a fuel pump too, was the same type of engine as the others. Must be a weak point on these.
  7. On sale here too, with an autoshite discount!
  8. Been all over Europe in my 2cv...bought in 2015 and had been off the road since 2001...about 6 months repairing it and now it gets a regular run out. First bought Stripped Cecile returns to France...here's the Arc de Triomph Replacing alternator belt near Bordeaux Spark plug thread stripped on way to Amsterdam...helicoil needed so sadly not a roadside repair Our lovely Peak District Scotland last year Eilean Donan Castle
  9. One thing I wish I had on mine was a sunroof, if you can get a watertight one they look ace! The wiper stalks (in my experience) are a nightmare, easy to take off and clean (just need to whip the steering wheel off first) but often doesn't last long before they start playing up again.
  10. Stunning! Best interior possible in the 924, well bought!
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