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  1. Some spots from that there lahdahn this weekend
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154525865278?hash=item23fa75953e:g:pqcAAOSwfwtg6cJJwhen you want a convertible but also want to go offroading...
  3. And a bonus E31 in calypso red! One day I will own one
  4. Must be a Citroen thing. My old CX broke down leaving the MOT station the three times I took it for a test.. I did get some funny looks off the tester as I was blocking off the entrance, my head under the bonnet. Got a very clear message it wasn't his problem though. Passed first time all three times though!
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to post but ho hum. This fella seems a little confused. Wonder is there is a Disco bezzing about with a "life's a beach" sticker plastered over back
  6. Basically this. No-one checks your helmet so it's obviously up to you how much you want to spend on one
  7. Spotted in Sainsbury's. Complete with child seats in the back. Didn't get chance to ask him if it ruined his life like these have the potential to
  8. You occasionally get the odd MG midget or spitfire or the like. But I've seen everything from C1s to McLaren's going around. And you can get insurance to cover you if anything did happen but it is obviously a bit of a risk
  9. Excellent. Bedford is decent but an old airfield so pretty flat although there is a super long straight. And cheers, it's only an 8V xsi so not fast but handles so well Great! We could look at doing a day sometime in June?
  10. Evening all. Basically I've got a track toy and enjoy the occasional day but it can be a little lonesome doing it on my own. Any other day track goers on here fancy having a bit of an autoshite track day out? I'm Midlands based so Donnington/Mallory Park/Bedford are all fairly local but happy to travel further afield if there's an appetite for it. Here's a pic for attention: Ps. I absolutely guarantee you will be faster than me
  11. I'm in the same position, been looking on and off for probably years now. Found one suitable place but it was gone as soon as the advert went up. And long waiting lists for council garages unfortunately. Jealous of some of the units on here!
  12. Look forward to watching this later. Is this the one where the camber and combustion lads went to as well? They had a pretty decent video series on it Edit: here's the link
  13. Old Camry. Even had matching numberplate!
  14. Some scary stuff on here... Mine was picking up my Jag XJ40 from the MOT station then driving 100 miles to see my parents. When I got there I had a quick look underneath and the front spring had snapped and popped out of the spring seat and was resting nicely against the anti roll bar
  15. Some decent spots on the walk into work this morning. All within 50m of each other as well Edit: looks like the XM was imported from Australia. You'll have to use your imagination in that one...
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