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  1. This actually has pretty decent MOT history...
  2. New Jag looks like an absolute cracker! Glad it's finally arrived and got an MOT pass! How's it feel to drive, bet its lovely on all new suspension. Has it been rebuilt with all standard bushes/original spec bilsteins or upgraded? Are you going to keep it on the pentas? I've got a spare set of the correct wheels if you wanted any, going to fit the BBS rims from the donor car onto mine
  3. I was out and about in this thing: And came across this thing: Spoke to the guy, spent a fortune on it by the sounds of it. Top end rebuild, timing chains, bare metal respray, interior redone etc etc. Gorgeous though
  4. I think the xj40s are possibly my favourite Jaguars. Did you used to post over on xj40.com? Feel like I recognize the car
  5. Have you worked that out the old fashioned way? My was indicating 59mpg but calculating it it came out to 53 and that seems pretty consistent. Unless it's leaking derv somewhere... Currently running my new xjr to work and back to get a feel for it. Indicated 21mpg. Given it's a 90 mile round commute I won't be doing that past this week
  6. On the Saab theme just saw this:
  7. I used to. Only because I was forced to get something sensible and wanted to see a cost per mile, including things like insurace/tax/fuel/repairs/depreciation etc. Mainly to make owning something so boring more interesting. Nowadays I don't bother. I once added up how much I pay in tax per year in my head and that's as far as I went. Any repairs, I'll write the date and milage down on the recept and stick it with the service history
  8. I saw one of these conversions on a track day once. Absolutely stripped to the gills. Never seen anything corner like it, it almost skipped along! Looked great fun though
  9. That colour is gorgeous. Not seen it before but it's gone right up there with techno violet in terms of BMW colours. Had the same engine in a 520i. Like you say, not fast but sounds lovely and silky smooth
  10. Just for balance, the Jag specialist in Coventry are top notch. Assuming we aren't talking about the same place 😂
  11. "light scratches from my peacock" 😂
  12. Exactly. So you want to charge me to take my money? Get in the fucking sea. Just make the car £100 more expensive
  13. For me I never even consider owning some stuff because they're just too expensive. Lamborghini Diablo for example. Other stuff I've come to the conclusion it just won't add enough value to the fleet. For example, I absolutely love the look of an E31 850i. But realistically, it's probably not all that great to drive and will use fuel like no tomorrow so I'll never buy one. Other things like a Lagonda just scare me too much in terms of running costs so again, will never buy one. Or E92 M3, just don't want to deal with rod bearings etc
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