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Giovanni the Lancia Thema V6.


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iirc there was an 8.32 estate, made for Gianni Agnelli. 

I would love to have seen his garage as he was known for taste in unique Italian vehicles, wether it be one off Ferraris, such as a testarossa drop top, Lancia delta drop top, and 8.32 estate, which followed a fiat 130  estate.


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So we reached the MOT after a full service, new battery and some bulbs.
Aaaaand it's a fail, but not a bad one.  No rear brake effort, so it needs a load sensing valve or the existing one freeing off.  Hoping the latter as most of them seem to be in the hands of Delta integrale specialists, and are between £250 and £500 a pop.  Plus rear discs and pads.
But the car is SOLID underneath.  Thank you Holland for not using salt on your roads!
I'd call this not a bad result.


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I nearly bought a turbo years ago. In more recent years, I had the opportunity to drive an 8.32 which was a great experience. Seem to recall you really had to take it by the scruff of the neck to get the best out of it!

oh and the electric rear headrests - mental

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