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Sporty's SLK, Mild tinkering.


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So, the raffle win had to be collected. I'd told Mrs S about it, and she suggested we should all go, and have a night away. 

So, rooms were booked, and family Sporty embarked on a trip. It was a dull trip, aside from me spilling water in my lap, and arriving to check in, looking like I'd pissed myself. 

The family workhorse Astra performed well, and gave a frankly magnificent average mpg.....



We're now having a cheeky jar in Reading  listening g to a pair of wannabee roadmen at the next table talking absolute shit. 



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Arrived home with minimal drama. 

Indicators stopped flashing on the way home, but I'm sure that'll be an easy fix.  (EDIT: just googled, and it's a common fault, fixable with a it of relay cleaning.)

Properly sorted car. Really pleased with it. 

Anyway, for the sake of tradition..........





Here ends boring collection thread. 

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I much prefer the lines of first of the SLKs than the over fussy later ones , there an absolute bargain at the moment , prob the best sub £1k roadster you can't get 

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Done a little bit of tinkering on this today. 

The sticky ignition key was getting a bit worse, and I was getting a bit concerned it might leave me stranded. After a bit of goofing, I found it yo be a common fault and could be "repaired" by removing the pin that activates the steering lock. Either that or about £100 on a replacement unit.

So, I did the right thing, and removed the pin. 

Trims off


Then it's key in and turned to p1, barrel out. Slacken bracket  push retaining pin and the barrel is off. Obviously a couple of plugs to pull! 



Someone has obviously been here before, as the surround to the pin wasa bit mashed and somone had scratched their initials on the barrel. 

into the vice, little cover off, and spring and pin removed. 



Assembly is reverse of removal. 

All working nicely now. 


Link to instruction video in case anyone is interested: 


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