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I've got (Toyota) Corona.


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Replaced the rear shock absorbers today. I ordered good quality Tokiko (OEM) shocks online for £30 a while back but only got the chance to fit them. I sent the car to a trusted suspension shop.

Guess how much they charged me. 





Granted they're extremely easy to replace. Still I wouldn't do it myself for the sake of £5.

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How the fuck does this thing even run?

It seems the future is now. Water-in-coil ignition system™.

Found this out by doing a tune up. Got a new coil, HT leads, spark plugs, dizzy cap, fuel filter, etc.

All done and it runs exactly the same.

Edit: Maybe it's oil and not water in Ignition Coil? It looks old as shit regardless.

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Did the gearbox oil and differential oil today. From the condition I'm pretty sure the last time anyone's been there the dinosaur that's in the oil still roams the earth.

I can report that after the change it drives exactly the same. Still noisy, still smelly, gearbox shift quality is no different.

Well, it is a Toyota.

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Cleaned the carb, replaced seals. The automatic choke wasn't even connected but it is now. I'd still rather have a cable.

There's nothing wrong with it before. Just felt like doing it. Got new ethanol grade fuel lines again because the one I've put on it before was shite. Not that it'll be run on E10.

This car works so well that I use it as a daily for a week. I don't commute often but it's great having machine that's able to do it in style.

I also have to report that this car gets a surprising amount of attention. I've had more than 3 occasions where people came and have a chat about it. One guy told me his granddad had a facelifted Liftback for 30+ years which got scrapped because of rot. He was absolutely delighted when I told him he can sit in it. Another guy talked to me for half an hour about the 3T engines in these. People seems to love it everywhere and pleased that there's one in somewhat decent condition.

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First FTP. Lovely. First time riding as a passenger but it wasn't on it's own power.

I've been using this as my main car basically. I don't normally commute but sometimes I have to use fleet vehicle for a few days. These would be at designated parking area 30 miles away so it's an excuse to use the 'rona more often, and the paintwork is shit enough that I don't mind leaving it in public space.

So I got one last week. I grabbed the 'rona. Visited the motorway service station for a snack because I was running way early. When I'm done I got back and it starts okay. I didn't make it out the slip road out of the area. It just stalled.

Luckily, motorway recovery vehicle was just coming out of the same slip road I was on and the guy realised pretty quickly what calamity I was in. They stopped but we couldn't find the exact cause apart from me noticing pez appearing not to come out of the electric fuel pump and into the filter.

At this point they suggested they would tow the 'rona out of the motorway system either to a waiting area or a nearby garage. I told them to get me to the nearby garage and it'll be alright. Didn't take long. 15 mins tops.

When we got there the recovery vehicle left I waited for the mechanic to assess. When the guy came over he's clearly and totally not familiar with older vehicles or more specifically carburetted one. It was obvious at that point I knew more than the mechanic at this game.

It was okay though because while I waited I tried to start it again and the 'rona runs 100% fine.

So I just thanked the guy and left. Onwards to my destination. Got the fleet car. Drove that for a few days. Took it back and drove the 'rona home.

It's fine. Didn't FTP again.

The only explanation I could think of is that on that particular day it was blazing hot. I drove it to the service station at quite a rate and turn it off immediately when I arrived. The engine bay was very warm when I set off and maybe it got vapour lock? Or the electric fuel pump doesn't work too well when it's too hot. Regardless, I got a new fuel pump. I couldn't be arsed to fit it yet but it's here. Maybe I'll just do that and if it happens again learn not to drive when it's hot.

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I did some more tweaking of the fuel delivery system. Changed the filter location again, replaced one of the fuel line again. Found that I've put the fuel filter on backwards so that could explain running issues. Although as I've said it ran just fine 99% of the time when it was wrong so now that it is correct it should runs even more fine, like 99.8% of the time.

This big long box also just arrived.


What's inside I wonder? Mince pork?






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