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BX - Swaps?

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    • By cpjitservices
      Hi all,
      As you know I've got a new car! 
      I like it.
      By no means is it perfect but then I didn't expect it to be. I'll dedicate this thread to the Ins & Outs of the 06 plate Saab. 
      Looking through the car there is no Service history - So I'll start my own, first job will be Oil & Filters change. Will get it in for reluctor ring change to at some point. There's also an error with the fuel filter, the sensors cover is smashed ergo, its letting water in putting the EML on.
      I shall sort those.
      Bodywork is fine, Very little in the way of rust/rot. Front bumper has clips missing so a corner below the headlight pops off, no great shakes - but I'll sort it. Alloys have a few scuffs & dings but will clean up nicely. Tyres are all nearly brand new- winter ones too. I need a new passenger side door mirror glass - there's a stick on lens at the moment over the top of the original glass as the original glass is somewhat damaged - I'll get that done soon (ebay).
      There's a knack to getting the key in & out of the ignition, put into reverse and then some more whilst lifting key is the trick. Maybe an adjustment can be made to fix that - in time!
      Everything electrical seems to work fine!
      Freebies: Dashcam (works perfect), Bluetooth system (again working perfectly), tyre compressor machine thing (in the spare wheel well)
      It runs & drives fine, no knocks bangs or clunks - and more than powerful enough - second gear it can pin you to your seat! 133k on the clock so its due belts, which will be done ASAP.
      It's also very very comfy!
      Going to get a full valet at the weekend and a good clean (pics to follow, Before & after).
      Keep your eyes open for updates!!!!

      PS - Interior shots to come soon!

    • By dean36014
      I bought this in September last year. Fitted new front shocks, discs and pads and bottom ball joints and it sailed through an MOT with only an advisory for faded side repeater lamps. Only fault I'm aware of is it needing a new nearside fig light. It's got air conditioning which worked fine last year, cd player, funky orange seats, remote locking and just one key. I also replaced the cambelt, plugs, air filter after the MOT pass. However the drivers seat is crippling my dodgy back unfortunately so I'm thinking of getting rid of it. Realistically I suppose it's worth 450ish so would like to swap it for something with softer seats, MOT, and suitable for a short commute. It's in Coventry if anyone happens to be interested. Could do a little cash on top if need be.

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    • By colc
      After suffering the purgatory of the M25/M20 in an a manual, my knee/hip have decided they will no longer tolerate a manual transmission.......therefore this is going to have to go...would like to swap for large hatch /estate with auto box....W.H.Y
      In Kent...........
    • By pauldoubleyou
      Volvo passed its test last week and was considering selling it on and picking up a connect / dispatch or similar sized van.
      To make my life more easier, anyone fancy a swap?
      Located Glasgow ish

      Renault 1.9 115 diesel, full leather, climate, heated seats, all the trimmings.
      Years test with a fahooping 180k on it - however, there is Masses and masses of history with it. I’m the third owner, second was a mate of mine who brought it back from Germany (he’s army, I’m navy) after it was sold to him by the good old British Army after being used for the CO of a catering regiment to poodle about in. As such it has an absolute mountain of history with it.
      Passed its test with advisories for front two tyres and a ballpoint really of note.
      For its test it had two new front flexys, new light adjuster and a calliper.
      In the last year it’s had two other callipers, a service, front spring and droplink, and generally tidied up. No rust other than a patch on the drivers front wing.
      Any interest?
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    • By paulplom
      I have 2 of these in my lock up. Never used but will be a bit dusty. Where I live now there is no off street parking.
      Anyone want them?
      Free of charge but a donation to the forum would be welcomed I'm sure.
      Collection only though from either NE30 or NE22
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