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Found 34 results

  1. Hi all, As you know I've got a new car! I like it. By no means is it perfect but then I didn't expect it to be. I'll dedicate this thread to the Ins & Outs of the 06 plate Saab. Looking through the car there is no Service history - So I'll start my own, first job will be Oil & Filters change. Will get it in for reluctor ring change to at some point. There's also an error with the fuel filter, the sensors cover is smashed ergo, its letting water in putting the EML on. I shall sort those. Bodywork is fine, Very little in the way of rust/rot. Front bumper has clips missing so a corner below the headlight pops off, no great shakes - but I'll sort it. Alloys have a few scuffs & dings but will clean up nicely. Tyres are all nearly brand new- winter ones too. I need a new passenger side door mirror glass - there's a stick on lens at the moment over the top of the original glass as the original glass is somewhat damaged - I'll get that done soon (ebay). There's a knack to getting the key in & out of the ignition, put into reverse and then some more whilst lifting key is the trick. Maybe an adjustment can be made to fix that - in time! Everything electrical seems to work fine! Freebies: Dashcam (works perfect), Bluetooth system (again working perfectly), tyre compressor machine thing (in the spare wheel well) It runs & drives fine, no knocks bangs or clunks - and more than powerful enough - second gear it can pin you to your seat! 133k on the clock so its due belts, which will be done ASAP. It's also very very comfy! Going to get a full valet at the weekend and a good clean (pics to follow, Before & after). Keep your eyes open for updates!!!! PS - Interior shots to come soon!
  2. I bought this in September last year. Fitted new front shocks, discs and pads and bottom ball joints and it sailed through an MOT with only an advisory for faded side repeater lamps. Only fault I'm aware of is it needing a new nearside fig light. It's got air conditioning which worked fine last year, cd player, funky orange seats, remote locking and just one key. I also replaced the cambelt, plugs, air filter after the MOT pass. However the drivers seat is crippling my dodgy back unfortunately so I'm thinking of getting rid of it. Realistically I suppose it's worth 450ish so would like to swap it for something with softer seats, MOT, and suitable for a short commute. It's in Coventry if anyone happens to be interested. Could do a little cash on top if need be. Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
  3. colc

    Octavia 1.8t 4x4

    After suffering the purgatory of the M25/M20 in an a manual, my knee/hip have decided they will no longer tolerate a manual transmission.......therefore this is going to have to go...would like to swap for large hatch /estate with auto box....W.H.Y In Kent...........
  4. Volvo passed its test last week and was considering selling it on and picking up a connect / dispatch or similar sized van. To make my life more easier, anyone fancy a swap? Located Glasgow ish Renault 1.9 115 diesel, full leather, climate, heated seats, all the trimmings. Years test with a fahooping 180k on it - however, there is Masses and masses of history with it. I’m the third owner, second was a mate of mine who brought it back from Germany (he’s army, I’m navy) after it was sold to him by the good old British Army after being used for the CO of a catering regiment to poodle about in. As such it has an absolute mountain of history with it. Passed its test with advisories for front two tyres and a ballpoint really of note. For its test it had two new front flexys, new light adjuster and a calliper. In the last year it’s had two other callipers, a service, front spring and droplink, and generally tidied up. No rust other than a patch on the drivers front wing. Any interest? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I have 2 of these in my lock up. Never used but will be a bit dusty. Where I live now there is no off street parking. Anyone want them? Free of charge but a donation to the forum would be welcomed I'm sure. Collection only though from either NE30 or NE22 Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  6. So, as some of you know, I bought this 05 plate (March 2005) Saab 9-3 convertible from a workmate. As soon as I saw him drive it into our works car park I knew I had to have it. It was during the heatwave and the top was down. It looked the bollox, even though it was absolutely filthy. I ummed and arred because it was a manual, I really don't like manuals, but I thought 'sod it', and bought it anyway. It drives absolutely terrific. Very quiet, but quick when you need it. Living where I do in West Essex on the edge of East London, as far as I'm concerned, a manual box is a pain, as there's so much traffic, you're forever up and down through the gears, and I'm a lazy git. So, why did I buy it? If I hadn't, I'd have wondered forever what I missed. Why am I willing to part with it? The one and only reason is the manual box. I would love a Volvo C70 convertible auto, or even another Saab auto. If anything is offered, all will be considered. Full details regarding the Saab will be given if there's any interest. It's mot'd until the end of January '19. Anyone interested, please drop me a pm. Ta.
  7. Be interested to see anything anybody wants to swap for this, bearing in mind the roffle has a very long way to go. I want something MOT'd, driveable and preferably pre-1995. Don't worry about being cheeky I can only say no! :
  8. This car (Puma 1.7) has been, and still is, a massive laugh to own. Numerous TLGP victories include putting TEH SHITZ up a Honda S2000 owner, serving some turd in a BMW 3 series (Weds evening) and passing an Audi owner his bottom on a silver platter, amongst many others. Key features include: MOT June, had four matching fancy new tyres at last test 101,000 miles or something. Strut brace Rust on rear arches Damp interior New 'stat plus housing and gasket Boot that now opens If this car has or had an EGR, it would not be clogged up. Trust me on that. It seems pretty decent on fuel, which changes slightly when you're driving LAC. Put better low beam bulbs in, now has five candles in a force nine gale, as opposed to one. They're still pretty rubbish though, so if you like driving fast down dark lanes late at night, you either need to fit spot lights or just buy something else. One headlight tab broke so pretty good at illuminating tree tops It's actually ok to drive sensibly, it doesn't feel thrashy like an MX5, but once you've spied your arse and opened it up a bit, it's hard to drive sensibly. It's the 1.7, I think there was a thing with Yamaha making the engine, but whatever it's fucking ace. Filthy dirty, been hammered pretty much every day (but only once warm) and I'll genuinely be gutted if/when it goes. It's in Chester, but could probs meet somewhere (within reason) Want to swap for a five door car, ideally a Vectra C hatch or estate in diesel flava. Holiday and cycling season is upon is and four adults plus dog going to Scotland probably ain't going to work well in a Puma.
  9. I have a lovely former well known AS MG ZT, V6 flavour and in possession of a virtually brand spanking new MOT. Belts done and previously very well cared for. Colour is Le Mans green IIRC. It's a lovely car but my isue is I always wonder what else is out there. It's an illness I think. Now, keeping this beastie is no hardship, I just want to make that clear. However, I do hanker after a BINI, it's an itch thing. Is there anything out there that people might consider swappage for? The car is located in a barn in Essex, it is SORNED. Also previous Cat D I think but I've never really ever given two fucks about 'that sort of thing', especially with cars from on here. Anything?.
  10. Anyone fancy a swap for this? 2004 Mondeo ST220. Performance blue, very nice condition and totally original. One alloy has a scuff 93k Full service history. MOT to April. Drives really well, everything works ( air con, heated electric recaro leather seats, cruise remote locking etc) Sounds fantastic and quick. Unsure of its value- on e bay 1k-3k covers most examples on offer. I'd be more interested in a swap for something. It could be pretty much anything on 4 wheels- try me. The only odd conditions due to busy family and work matters would be ideally for you to do the travelling to me. Still, it's got 3/4 of a tank of fuel so that should help with the return leg. I will get decent pics up ASAP Located Tavistock, Devon
  11. I really can't justify having two cars when I work in Central London and have one parking space! Any appetite for my lovely* 216 Cabriolet? Less than 90k on the clock (85208 at the last test) and pretty tidy. Could use a bloody good clean inside but it's not Cavcraft filthy. Has had 4 tyres, brake pipes, rear bushes and rear brakes for the test, HT leads, plugs and cap just before. Runs and drives well. Exhaust is rattling a bit and probably wants checking out Taxed to get you home I don't have any photos and it's parked on a relative's drive so will grab some when I can but it's clean and tidy enough - couple of little surface rust scabs on the rear arches but nothing major and there was no mention of rust on the MOT. Dark metallic grey. Funky red seats which I think are quite rare. Slight damage to the drivers seat but not too bad and with a good clean it'll be lovely. £650, anyone? Spent pretty much that on the MOT/tyres.
  12. I currently have two cars, a 3.0 V6 XM and a C4 VTS 180, Mrs Concern refuses to drive either of them for no good reason I can see, but there we are. She hasn’t had a car since her Mk1 Clio snapped its timing belt last October. Most of the time this isn’t a problem, but it would be better if she had a car of her own. Now she has decided she won’t get one until I get rid of the XM! Well I do like the XM, but not as much as I expected to when I bought it in Feb 2015. When it comes to it, I much prefer the C4 in almost every way and now I have a new* one that needs fettling I have less time to spend on the XM which spends weeks at a time untouched. Which is a shame as it’s a really nice car! I did try half heartedly to sell it on Car & Classic, but just got several people asking me more and more obscure questions about it and one chap who spent all morning driving, climbing over it, under it and consuming tea and biscuits before deciding he didn’t want it. So my latest idea is to see if anyone would be interested in a swap for a small hatchback? Must be petrol , 5 door, preferably not the smallest engine, ten years or less old and Clio sort of size. Obviously I can’t predict what she will or will not like! The XM is a Series 2 with the PRV 12 valve V6 with a timing chain and auto box making it pretty unusual (it’s hard not to fall into the “what an ad really means” speak here). The MOT is until Feb 2018 and currently on about 150000 miles.Obviously being an XM it has a few “issues”! The speedo sometimes jumps up to 55mph and sits there until it decides to function again. It was doing this permanently, but I half fixed it by re soldering the connections, presumably I need to do this again as they are all very close together I may not have got them all hot enough due to being wary of soldering the whole lot into one big lump! The sunroof (which doesn’t leak) has stopped winding all the way back, gets stuck and makes a creaking sound. It still pops up though (or did last time I tried!) Various other things work at some times and not at others. In most respects it is a very tidy looking car and nice to take on a long run (cruise does work!) I don’t have much history with it which was a bit of an annoyance at the time. I bought it through Franklin Rugg of the well known Citroen wheeler dealer family, I already knew him as he had a C4 Loeb at the time! He was selling it and three other XMs on behalf of Geoff Cochrane who is apparently well known in Citroen circles. Anyway if you have a suitable hatchback to swap, let me know!
  13. I've been asked to sell this on behalf of a chum, she's just bought a Merc CLK and funnily has no use for this. It's a cracking little car but not really my bag, 65k, new MOT, advisories on the lights being misty, just prior to the MOT my local mechanic took off the engine management light, it came up as a throttle issue which frankly isn't there and in a totally Fiat stylee the airbag light just came on as I pulled into work...going to get that looked at.... Anyway, lovely to drive, well shod, Pirellis on the front, Avon and Conti on the rear, good spare, 6 speed, pathetic service history but some from 2012 and before 2004, cambelt roulette I'm afraid A few little dents, some scratches, little crack in the rear bumper, seems to leak around the top of the windscreen and not tried the Sunroof just in case The car is in SE London, happy to sell for £350 or offers but happier to swap. Only one pic so far I'm afraid...
  14. A not so great 307cc convertible. Has some MOT and looks okay from a distance. Some dodgy electrics - central dash display not working properly as head unit has been changed. The rollover ecu has been disconnected as it was full or water and errors when plugged in. I really need an automatic as my missus only has an auto license and she's crashed her clk. I could put some money in. Or buy an auto if its cheap enough. Not too fussed myself what it is but missus is (sadly). The Pug is not a bad car really. Roof comes off and goes on. Cow interior, electric this than and the other. Air con etc. If a value is needed say about 300 English pounds. I would just sell it but then im stuck for transport to see other cars. I will add photos in about 10 minutes as they are on my telephone.
  15. Starting any minute now - these things involve a lot of logistics you know.
  16. Sam G kindly dropped off this little Seat/Fiat 133 today, It is one of those weird cars that reminds you of something but you can't quite place what it is. In this case it is pretty straightforward. This is what Honest John has to say(at): The SEAT 133 was possibly one of the most pointless cars sold by Fiat dealers in the UK during the 1970s. It was a confusing product, too, because it was a strange mixture of old and new - the floorpan, engine and gearbox were taken from the SEAT 850, but the body styling was all-new, and looked like a cross between the Fiat 126 and 127. But compared with the cream of the '70s supermini crop, the rear-engined 133 didn't stand a chance – and it flopped outside of its home market. In Spain, where tough import barriers had been erected and money was tight, its excellent fuel consumption and trusted mechanicals were positive selling points. But in the UK, where buyers could actually buy the vastly superior 127 from the same dealerships the Spanish import had no real selling points. Rare back then - non-existent in the UK now. Not THAT non-existent eh! Ok, first impressions! Bloody hell, it is small. Sam could likely have fitted it into the back of his Sprinter van, never mind using a trailer. It is the very first car that is in the garage that enables me to walk all around it whilst it is parked fully inside. Luxury! The interior is austere. I thought that Daf's were fairly austere but this takes it to a whole new level. There are rubber mats. No headlining. Vinyl seats look quite cool but there is some damage to the cover on the drivers side. 3 switches cover the fan, headlights and heated rear screen! The steering column cowling needs refitting and the fuse box needs securing. There are bits of straw in the car to prove its barn find credentials The teeny tyres are holding air. The wheels are lacking the chrome wheel trims. The wing mounted indicators are missing but there is evidence of a set of 'go faster' stripes on the sides of the doors. I am presuming the battery is inside the boot at the front of the car? The cable release isn't currently so that will be investigated. No keys are present, so a lock set will needed obtaining and I can't see any kind of ignition barrel on the steering column. The engine bay is clean and pretty tidy. The engine itself will need a bloody good service. There are a few loose wires in there that I can't immediately see where they go to. The petrol cap is lockable but again, no key. The bumpers are good under the muck. All the glass is fine. Lights are all intact. Bodywork. There are a lot of surface rust blebs covering most of the surface of the car. The worst bits of the bodywork are the N/S front wing and the N/S edge of the bonnet. The 'boot lid' is MIA. There are no rust holes, the underside of the car looks solid as a solid thing. The steering wheel is badged Fiat, there is one Seat badge on one of the wings. Seems like the Seat badging was removed and Fiat badging fitted prior to sale. This is what Sam told me so who am I to doubt. First things first. Cleaning will take place. The worst bits of bodywork will be attended to. I will try and get some kind of manual if possible (hahahaha). Service items will be made a list of. Bonnet will be opened. Engine bits will be lubricated, diesel lobbed down the bore holes and I will see if she will turn. I have no idea if this will be a keeper but I already have one person interested if I move her on. My female friend has named her Fugly the Fiat. The car will get a bloody good clean. Some piccies to follow. Wish me a whole shed full of luck.
  17. I'm selling Mrs @timolloyd's Bini convertible on eBay. This isn't as interesting/rare/exciting/beige as your usual Autoshite fare, but thought I'd mention it here in case anyone is up for a swap +/- some cash. Because I love this place and would much rather do business with a Shiter. And let's face it, as soon as the Mini sells I'm going to use the money for something unfashionable or broken anyway. Full details here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172624944756 It's in good nick, nice stamped service book showing annual servicing and a major one from a specialist last year (very unusual for one of these to have had more than the initial 3 free oil changes in 94k miles), with lots of toys like heated seats. Will come with full MOT. It is Cat D, so OMG! Fun to drive etc etc. Looking to swap for something £3-£4k in value
  18. NOW SWAPPED and NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Hi all. I've had this Allegro since 2008 and taken it to the Nurburgring, it's been off the road since 2009 being restored and over the years I must've spent 6k on the damn thing. It needs finishing off, lights connecting back up, a displacer changing as it's gone hard and various bits and bobs. It's basically a project that's gone on far too long, cost far too much money and I'd rather just move on and forget about it. While being restored it's had absolutely fucktons of bodywork done including new front outer/inner wings, new front panel, new sills, rear arches. two resprays (the first went wrong) plus loads of other work. The engine hasn't been touched and runs sweet with a new clutch and rear seal. Clutch slave cylinder has failed in storage though. It's done approx 45k and will come with loads of spare parts. It's been back in my garage for the last 2 years and I haven't done anything with it and although I love the thing I'm never going to get chance to finish it or enjoy it and a general change of priorities means that it has to go, either via a swap or a straight sale. 1k is a guide price, It's probably not worth anything like that much but I'd like to get back some of the 6k or so I've sunk into it.
  19. 1 owner from new who`s just having to give up driving (he`s in his 80`s & hasnt touched it for 2 months). Its silver with 5 opening doors. reasonably tidy for a giffermobile, with the usual bumper corner scuffs, but pretty minty for the most part, even still wearing at least 2 of its Daewoo wheel trims intact (I`ve only seen it from the drivers side). MOT till December, done 85,000 (has only done a few hundred miles a year for the last 5 years, its literally been the once or twice a month to go shopping), has been well looked after, never broken down apparently, but no service history as such (he cant even find the log book at the moment, but it should turn up). Advisory's at last MOT: Rear exhaust system rusty (£35 off ebay) Front to rear fuel lines rusty (a few quid at motor factors) Both front drop link bushes perishing (complete links with bushes £6 a side) Both rear shocks rusty (£26 a pair) Front and rear coil springs rusty (£6 for a smoothrite aerosol) Both front wishbone bushes perishing (bushes £6-7 each, ball joints, £6 & bolt on) Remember, its Astra based, so easy to work on & cheap as chips to do. Runs fine, got years in it if you get on with the advisories over the coming year. Will be picking it up next week, offers around the £395 mark, or will swap for a reliable sub 1549cc Japanese automatic with similar amount of ticket. A Civic/Concerto would be ideal. Would also swap for an MOT`d Panda (classic or modern), Uno, 1.4 Tipo, Tempra SW, 1.2-1.4 Punto, 1.2 Bravo/Brava, Cinq/Sei Sporting or similar. Located in Barnet, north London. I might be able to get pics tomorrow if I get time.
  20. My 4 litre LWB Jag Sovereign in sable green is up for swap/trade. '97. Classic insurance. Long MOT, daily driver, 20mpg, everything working including a/c and cruise. Totally rust free. Full history. Has some paint issues (paint supplied). Spare wheels/tyres. Looking for older classic, not necessarily roadworthy but worthy of investment as long as it can be brought to me. Or cash around £1k.
  21. This 406 of mine (2002 2.0 HDi manual) has been a great car. Pretty good on fuel (41mpg minimum, according to the computer) very reliable and dead comfortable No advisories last MOT and I've replaced a couple of tyres on it. Can't think of a thing that doesn't work, the driver's window can sometimes take a handful of goes on the switch to make it work, but it's been better since I replaced it with a second hand one. It's got a towbar and electrics, not tried them but my mate (who I got this off) used to tow his caravan with it so I don't expect any problems. I think it's on about 139,000 miles or something, will have to check. Never not started and never given me any trouble. It's quite dirty and has a couple of scratches and dents (one in my ownership) and it's cam belt roulette I'm afraid. The upper parts of the back seats fold down, quite a clever idea, and it's got 4 electric windows and a nasty aftermarket CD player. MOT Feb, taxed to get home. The handbrake works but he did say it could be better, he reckons the troublesome rear handbrake plate arrangement (is that even true?) has been done but they need adjusting. How true that is I don't know. Anyway, it's been ace but (like a kn0b) I miss my old Vectra. That's daft really as the Vectras are a bit sort of rougher to drive and less comfortable. I just prefer the sort of more hooligan feel of them. So, if anyone out there has a CDTi (ideally 1.9 150 or a 3.0), or a 3.2 petrol Vectra and wants a deal or swap, get in touch. Must be hatchback or estate and ideally manual. Don't want a 2.2 and not overly keen on the 2.0DTi. This 'advert' will probably sink quicker than a bog paper replica of the Titanic in a storm.
  22. I get a decent car, with which I'm happy, circumstances come and bite me on the arse................my commute has changed from a 6 mile round trip, to a 67 mile round trip [becos work] so Subaru is going to have to be chopped in for something a little more frugal If anyone has anything nice that sups the Devil's brew, and fancies a swap, let me know. Some pics 2003 GX auto, in vgc, £1500 spent on mahoosive service recently, inc ALL belts, tensioners, and other malarky. Just the thing for OMGSNOKAOS
  23. Anyone interested in the Colt of many shiters? It hasn't changed much apart from the fact it has a working* radio Located near Cheltenham now
  24. As above, uncle of mine has dug a pair out of his attic, will swap for beer/food/slaves or 14 pence.
  25. I've hummed and harred about this for a long, long time now. I live in perpetual fear of 'Buyers Remorse', which has talked me out of so many purchases over the years. However, I've been pining for one now for the last 18 months. Therefore, I'm quietly confident it's not just a 'phase' and I really do want one. I've not pulled the trigger yet, as I've not found my perfect spec. However, something pretty close has come up at a fair price (for these) and I'm tempted all over. Other than Trigger, who's had one here? Thoughts? It's a 2.0 manual (which I actually want, owing to motorway miles innit). All help appreciated.
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