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6 hours ago, FlyingDustbin said:

Golf Plus? Well I doff my hat respectfully at them. I own a Golf Bluemotion as a daily drive, so I'm hardly qualified to judge. Though I am a massive old Skoda fan I regret never getting a chance to drive my mates Skoda 136 rapid.  

Was a mate of i think supernauts or 17coffee's. He turned up, we drank lots of beer and bbq'd black pudding whilst listening to the gentle crackle* of the 4 tyres Mr Saabnut put on the fire to pep it up a bit. No shits were given! 

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17 hours ago, Arthur Foxhake said:

I'm pretty sure this thread is the end of autoshite as I knew it.

Goodbye from me

Having read through this garbage, I'm still unsure of what it's about. 

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On ‎5‎/‎22‎/‎2019 at 8:50 AM, Puntomunto60 said:

  What I'm trying to say is your first car should be unforgettable not regrettable. Kids buy a shite car at least you will remember it.


23 hours ago, Yoss said:

Mine was both. 

Yeah, mine was both too.


A metric ton of Isopon carefully sculpted by its previous owner to resemble a Cortina, then mostly hand-painted with black Hammerite and green Dulux, apparently in the dark, using the same brush interchangeably.

Still, when it became abundantly clear there was more fresh air than metal in the structural bits, I ended up with £15 more than I paid for it courtesy of one of the banger boys.

The scary bit is that when I bought this, it was clearly a decrepit end-of-life nail - yet was also the same age as my current daily (which blends into any given car park and I really don't consider to be shite).

Funny how things change.

Also: I really am not particularly tall (5'10''-ish), yet somehow appear to be towering over this car. Hmm.

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It's funny but that pretty much describes my first car word for word except it was a Triumph 1500TC. And it was me that spent hours perfecting the art of Isopon. 

The dogs liked it. IMG_20190523_160959.thumb.jpg.8d28cbdf637f9cfcdb7aa742b8a0f693.jpgIMG_20190523_160935.thumb.jpg.974ea23be9d7982a52cd65494e935316.jpg

They would just sit and watch me. This was work in progress. I bought it about a month before I passed my test and spent that time tarting it up. Then within two weeks of passing my test I was going round a roundabout and felt a bang and a wobble. Took it to a garage who showed me that one of the rear suspension mounts had rusted away and plenty more was rapidly dissolving. 

So, you guessed it, I sold it to a banger racer for £15 less than I paid, though I'd spent a lot more on paint and filler


Being hunted down by a P5. IMG_20190523_161118.thumb.jpg.686830a0de7a3b19f199fe7995c73e3b.jpg

But he did get his revenge on a Marina. IMG_20190523_161143.thumb.jpg.b7eaed92f0d9926e9b457960937801b7.jpg


And all that filling was a waste of time. IMG_20190523_161222.thumb.jpg.a1bdc2848174b3f04a66e661197e32c6.jpg

Though not a complete waste as I considered it practise for all the chod yet to come. 

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