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In 30 years' time we (or our kids) will dribble over something like that at car shows, like I dribble over Strada 130TCs today...I either end up with Grande Punto 1.4s or Zafiras when I hire a car for work, guess which I prefer! The boggo GP doesn't seem like a bad little beast, mind you I haven't driven the competition so have no point of reference other than a 16-year-old diesel Peugeot.

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Don't forget to get the upgrade for an extra few quid......apparently makes it a little "brown-staining" in the acceleration department! (before 12 months or 10,000 miles or summat like that.....might even be AFTER 12 months but before 10,000 miles) I fancy one as a daily TBH.

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Modern 'hot hatch' cars are really looking good these days.

Won't be surprised if the insurance reacts again as it did in the mid-90's and our boy racers looked like this:


Posted Image


I actually remember hearing a loud back box on my mate's Orion about this time and being surprised. Fast & The Furious has done more damage on society than Clockwork Orange, Predator, Robocop, Chainsaw Massacre and Cannibal Ferox ever did!

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