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Found 914 results

  1. Welcome to my new thread which combines my 944, XJ-8 and Vel Satis threads in one. New stuff is on page 16 onwards... ----------------------- Hopefully you'll all be saluting me whilst I strike a ridiculous pose. I can haz Jaguar! Many thanks to Chris for driving it down, I've only driven it three feet forward so far & when I switched it off the bloody thing locked me in, wouldn't start and absolutely nothing would work - in the blazing sun - the fair wife is impressed* Will have a new battery tomorrow - I can't stand that again - and it will be MOT'd either this week or next whenever my man with the big spanner can fit me in. I'll keep you all informed...
  2. It's the green one. If you're proper horny for it then PM me, but anyone with cash can buy a car any time. Meh. Would roffle, but CBA with the admin. Therefore, funtime! Another KruJoe-spec 99p start AUCTION... (GBP (Pounds Sterling) bids only, no licked Twixes (John_F, I'm talking to you), bid increments 50 pence or more, that's up to you. Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid. Other T&C's may apply if I haven't thought of them yet.) It's a risk, but I'll take it. I've thought of a number as a reserve, roughly bridge price plus today's £50 MOT fee, so above that, I'm happy. If it doesn't work, we'll re-think, but his is will be a cheap car for one of you lot. Location: Central, so close to everyone on mainland UK. Collection: most days/times are possible, evenings are good. Relaxed timescale, storage is not a problem here. I can bring you to it from Skipton bus or rail station. The Car. My dependable daily for two FTP-free years. Ex-JohnK and Bramz. 1.4 Rti run-out model, lots of toys. Cheap tax and cla$$ic policy friendly (£140pa, Carole Nash. A.Flux quoted similar). Tested until 31 May 2020, advised on two back tyres. Not yet 62,000 on the dial. Likely to be SORN'd before June. V5 here, with loads of history. New oil and filter last week. Good batt, exhaust, brakes etc. There are a few minor niggles, I've just lived with it. Character, innit. Squishy-comfort velour in fine fettle. (Almost) everything works. The bodywork scrubs up well but there's some bits of rust if you really go looking. It doesn't stop it being a respectable motor… until… last week one of my favourite brothers rubbed a tractor down the side, damaging two doors and the mirror. All still work fine, and I still have the (undamaged) plastic strip from the door. I don't have the arsedness to try improving it cosmetically and I'm ready for a change of daily anyway. The worst would likely push out from inside. As would the small bit on the arch – it's single skinned there. Until that happened, nobody has ever turned their nose up at it, and it has attracted a lot of positive conversation. 99p anyone?
  3. 1991 Toyota Corolla 1.6 Automatic MOT July 2019 Selling as I need a more economical car for child ferrying - doing 240 miles per weekend. Solid bodywork, apart from a bodged repair to the front wing. Plenty of 'giffer scrapes' and faded / mismatched paint. Alloys repainted black, as weren't the tidiest. Wouldn't take much to restore to original spec. Mileage is 67,000 approx Used regularly as is my only car. All electric windows, doors, mirrors, sunroof. Interior in good condition. Fuel economy is ok for the age and gearbox, I'm getting 35-40 mpg Issues / Potential Issues:- Autochoke a bit - erm - not. Starts ok, just needs a bit of throttle for a minute and then just runs at a low idle. Interior light / door sensors a bit sticky - may get this sorted. Small squeak from brakes occasionally, but not excessive Exhaust baffles loose, so sounds a bit funny sometimes. Cassette player chews cassettes. Radio is fine. Car is located Essex, SS9 5 For the sake of transparency, yes I am 'Pandamonium', (or Alan to most people). Nothing untoward, I just wanted a new username, and had made this account before I realized you could request a name change! D'oh. Never mind, you live and learn. Now on ebay at £450 starting bid.
  4. I have acquired a vehicle. This is when I was trying to fix it so I could drive home. The car was offered FOC to the Rover 800 Owners' Club. They weren't really in a position to take it on directly, so it ended up being pointed my way. It's an 820 base model - SU carburettor-fed 2-litre O-Series! BAe was the first owner, for eight weeks, then it was sold to the father of the chap I bought it off, who sadly passed away last year. It has covered 105k, has a fair bit of rust in a few places, but is pretty tidy and looks bloody fantastic. It has a few weeks of MOT, delicious dealer plates, unexpected lumbar adjustment and electric front windows. One piece of wood on the dash, none on the doors, manual tilt/slide sunroof, spoiler! It had barely moved since July last year, but sadly, I got a whiff of hot brakes on the M55. I pulled onto the hard shoulder and the nearside rear wheel was smoking. I limped at 30mph down the hard shoulder to the next junction, which was not fun. I then limped gently back to the vendor, where I stripped the brake, used entirely the wrong grease (as it was all he had) to try and improve things, considered this a success and drove 180 miles home. I seem to have mostly taken photos of the rear. There is a petrol station shot, but you'll have to wait. I developed a horrible migraine on the way back and had to stop for a while. Most unlike me. Eventually made it back. It's all a bit complicated, but the idea is I have it for a bit and at some point, it'll end up back with the club. I think the plan is to sell it to raise some funds for charity longer term, but sadly, it could also do with a set of calipers and tyres, so finances need to be reconsidered I think. The brakes are SHITE. It could be air from boiling brake fluid, so I'll see if a bleed helps, but I reckon all the calipers are buggered.
  5. OK, let's try this again; the sensible hybrid is on the way. Late-1995 'Inca' 3-door 1.8 n/a 90000 miles MOT 19.6.2019, but will have new ticket before moving on 'Patinated' yet very solid; character dent in front wing; never welded, boot floor perfect Sunroof sealed, replacement provided Great fun on the twisties but good on big roads too; would drive this anywhere Tarty but comfy pleather CTi front seats (originals here too) Grips well in mud with a large SCTSH on the bonnet (SF16!) Previously polished by Outlaw Bob Colour-coded HubNut sticker for ultimate shite cred Car in WS12; taxed to get you home Shiters' price: £590 or Roffle at £10 a go.
  6. I thought i'd start a new thread for the Sharan i bought off Krujoe last week. I apologise that it's relatively modern for on here even though in most of the 'normal' population a 13 year old car is nearly ready for the scrapyard! I'd like to get it reliable as the few journeys in it have left me very impressed. It's very relaxing to drive with the tiptronic auto and very comfortable. It does feel a bit bus like but in a good way. I'm already planning some trips out with the family and grand parents to try and take full advantage it. I thought i'd list my plan of attack here although i realise it may not be the most riveting read. As you may remember i had an issue with limp mode on the drive home. Several issues to be precise. That's top of my list to try and sort. I've bought a full service kit off ebay with oil and all the filters so i'm going to do that tomorrow, I've also bought some forte turbo cleaner and diesel injector cleaner so will run those through it to see if it makes any difference. Also planning to get the codes read with my new lead and copy of vcds lite. Finally, to see if i can remove the egr valve and give it a clean and a last resort will be the Mr Muscle treatment for the turbo, when i've found it, but must admit that does scare me a bit! Here's my list:- Priority Sort limp mode - 5 pronged attack Oil and filter change Pollen, fuel and air filter change Put original battery back on and see if it works after a 24 hour charge (i doubt it) Get a replacement tyre (possibly a part worn) as one of the rears keeps going down Once it's running ok Check front brakes and see why they're a bit shit See if i can sort out the parking sensors which bleep but don't work (possibly a sensor) Book in at ATS for aircom regas (as they apparently don't charge if the systems's borked which i suspect it is) If a keeper Cambelt and water pump (i texted the previous owner and asked nicely if he knew whether this had been done - he ignored me - i think it's overdue) Sort out minor bodywork issues - stone chips and surface rust on rear arches Change ATF fluid (maybe, if i'm brave) Get a set of car mats Possibly get a spare wheel and holder (it hangs under the rear) as the originals are absent I'll just add that i've used the car a couple of times this week for short journeys and there's been no limp mode. I'll need to give it a good thrash down the motorway to see if it's properly fixed as i bought it to us to France in July so don't want to be pulling off at every service area to restart the bloody thing! Will let you know how i get on tomorrow.
  7. Brief background to this: I swapped my Jaguar for this car 2 and a half weeks ago as I was desperate to scratch my v8 itch, a client who works in my office bought it last September as a winter hack from his father in law. He was always complimentary towards the jag, I've always fancied a V8, so when he told me he was selling it I asked if he fancied a swapz and he was up for it! Unfortunately it's came at the wrong time for me, as my hours at work have halved recently and I really need something with economies as I'm applying for jobs with a commute longer than my current 8 miles a day. A petrol V8 unfortunately won't be suitable. So to the car, it's absolutely brilliant tbh. Absolutely huge inside, comfortable ride, sits at just under 2k revs at 70 and goes like a fucking rocket with the foot down. 300bhp from the V8 engine. It's the ultimate barge. Gearboxes are a known issue with these cars, this one is smooth AF. selects every gear perfectly and goes through them smoothly when progressing. It has 103,000 miles on the clock, the car has full service history until 92,000 (mostly dealer) which was in 2009, it's barely moved in the past ten years,a couple of hundred miles between MOT'S each year. It was put back into service last summer, there's receipts in the glovey for an oil and filter change and an engine terraclean. Aluminium body on these cars as well so no rust, it scrubs up very well. 2 remote fobs and a spare 3rd key. Has a parrot Bluetooth thingy which is nearly new, it's been properly fitted, I'll leave it in there. Private plate with comedy RFL lettering included. That's the good bits, so what about the bad? There is a judder when braking above 35/40 mph. Brakes work well but can feel a pulse under the pedal. Will need looked at. Rear brake light warning light on,there is a light out on the drivers side, will get this replaced This car has previously had a coolant leak from the reservoir bottle and also one of the hoses, the previous owner repaired it prior to me buying it which cost £££ I believe, as access isnt great in the engine bay. It hasn't leaked since. It used to leave a few drips overnight on the ground, but has been dry the last couple of weeks. Tires have decent tread but have two different brands on the front and rear,which is a bugbear of mine. Aircon needs a regas m9. And that's it really. Car is MOT'd until July, and is located in Glasgow. £1750. I know it's not the usual AutoShite giveaway price but it's a beast of a machine. And I need to recoup my jaaaaaag money. A quick glance on autotrader has rough 3.7's and non quattro 2.8's for over 2k. Any questions please fire away. Cheers
  8. Short version of a long thread Bought Nov 17 with a blown engine Put new engine in that was worse than the old one Put another 70,000 mile engine in out of a 330D that I saw running this time It's got loads of history inc recon gearbox and suspension done Drives ok , no warning lights on , 2 keys, one needs a battery , 12 months mot, everything works inc AC Needs the blower direction box sorting , it's on your feet, could be 5 minutes , could be 30 mi utes then theres a whoosh as something frees off and it's all working normally I had a Google and it's something to do with vents, the box goes misshapen, I read a screw in the right place pulls it back into shape Inner rear arches behind the back doors need welding , heated screen only demists the passenger side It'll come with the original 18" wheels and wheel nuts as well as the 19" that are on it, but the 18" tyres are close to the limit Qualifies for modern classic insurance , adrian flux quoted me under £200 TPFT , I went with A plan at £300 fully comp I haven't advertised it anywhere else yet Original post below I've been looking at Range Rovers for a few weeks , in the past as I have a very competent/cheap mechanic I've bought a few projects that have worked out Ok but not a RR I've found one with an engine problem, not too far away guy wants shot of it so he'll take £1000 for it , it's a 2003 HSE with 150k on the clock, MOT history looks very good, it's tested until next april and he said it's had gearbox work in the last 6 months It's a really bad idea isn't it ,put me off with tales of woe, I'm really tempted to go and see it and risk divorce
  9. Just in case someone on here is looking for a project. Its not a big project. This one has been my love/hate car and part of my still wants to get it back on the road. Currently at hate/hate and with the way things are with family commitments it will not get fixed for months. Non Runner - Fueling issues (mechanicalk pump is not getting fuel to carb. Suspect auxiliary shaft) and background wiring issue with starter and carb thermostats circuits. More details if you talk to me so phone conversations welcomed.... Pm for more details/phone number. Live just North of Bristol. Money - Offers circa £750 Offers face to face after having looked at the car and talked to me are more likely to be accepted. .
  10. This green beastie is up for sale, virtually a years MOT, belts done by our very own Bobthebeard, so nothing to worry about there. V6 2.5, manual, drove happily from up North to down South and didn't miss a beat. I will be popping over to the barn today and will get some photos as we all know that this thread is useless without pictures, right? Colour is Le Mans green as far as I can remember, I will also try and get the colour code too. Mileage: yes, it has mileage, something else to obtain. It's had a couple of owners on this here forum, one was Chompysnake, someone else (sorry, I can't recall who), and then prior to me, Bobthebeard. It has a part stainless exhaust, cherry bomb silencer and an aftermarket air filter. It does sound rather bloody good. Tyres are great. Clutch is happy. It just goes nicely and looks ace. It is not perfect. It had a bump at some point in it's life but that has been repaired to a grand standard. There is a slight ding in the drivers door, but I will describe that better later on. No swapsies or px on this one I am afraid. £850 £795 or cash and a p/x is what I need from it, soz. Needs a forever home does this one. Classic insurance winner, FJ quoted me £189 with a 2000 miles limit.
  11. 1994 Disco 300tdi for sale, Black, 5dr, Manual gearbox. ES model. MOT expired Feb 8th, Of course, being an old Disco it needs welding. Being totally honest, it needs the rear crossmember done, likely both front inner wings, Sills tidied up, probably door posts, rear arches to c pillar etc, usual Disco places. Great project for someone who can weld themselves, i don't have anywhere to do it and thanks to the ridiculous rates of Units, likely never will. Labour costs to pay somewhere to do it make it uneconomical for me to have done. Mechanically, it's good. Engine excellent, (Has had EGR blanked, decat and i believe a fuel pump tweak, so pulls well) Clutch, gearbox etc fine (slight whine in 4th + 5th on partial throttle, all seem to do it with age and go on forever not getting worse, been like that for 3 years with me, had oil changed on gearbox and T box, levels all good and never gotten worse). Steering etc all fine. May need rear shocks for next MOT, Recently had 2 new tyres, New larger capacity battery, New rear diff, new rear prop doughnut, New rear exhaust section brand new rear calipers and discs + pads at last MOT, also comes with a box of spares, some belts, tensioners, gaskets, mudflaps, servicing filters, wheel bearings etc. Mechanical issues? not much to speak of, Usual Landy oil droplets at Transfer box and engine, Front half shaft a little clonky if you pull away sharply, that's about all. Starts first turn of the key, holds temperature all day long, doesn't smoke.(bar a grey puff at start up, likely weak glow plugs, starts fine and clears instantly) Body is tatty, as is interior (grey leather is worn, centre console is cracked and window switch pack is kinda just wedged in) but ideal workhorse or weekend toy once welded. Only 1 key, no remote (has had spider delete to lock and run off only key) I wouldn't be selling if i had somewhere to DIY it. Comes with large folder of receipts including for HG work, previous body repairs etc (but a lot of that needing redone, lived in Arbroath before i got it, so sea air + Land Rover = accelerated problems) Will sell @450 for a shitter. Worse is going for 700+ on Ebay with no spares or history and usually a lot more wrong and a lot more rot. Located in Dundee, Scotland.
  12. I have been (very mildly) berated in the past for starting a thread about an early noughties car in the modern section, so I was in two minds about where to put this. Having said that, it is a development of a car very popular here, and the more common version is relatively well thought of too. As this is model is relatively *RAER* (the type in general, this specific car is one of a limited run of 400) and due to unpopularity, is pretty much at the bottom of it's depreciation curve, I think it just scrapes in here. However, my usual warning applies; anyone of a nervous disposition, with a particular aversion to nineties French tat, please look away now.
  13. I know this is not the usual car to see on here but Tigerfox Jr has a baby on the way and he is discovering how expensive they are. It is a 2003 231 version with the 6 speed gearbox and has only done 34k. I looked at loads before finding this one and it is very nice condition Starts instantly, recent new battery and uses fuel at a alarming rate ! Mot until July and would expect it to pass as it has only done 500 miles since the last one I have more pictures and it is advertised elsewhere for £1795 and a forum discount applies so £1675, NOW £1500 Leather interior, air con, working electric and heated seats, bose radio/cd PM me if you want more photos or contact details. Car is in South Leicestershire
  14. Four Sail. Autoshite Decals. Thats "stickers" in old money. Medium Quality external vinyl. Will withstand prolonged mocking, and rain. Gr5 for adorning your lap top lid, enamelled tea mug, tool box, prosthetic foot, bus shelter, expensive guitar flightcase or underpant drawer. Pics* *please note that the 50p pictured is intended to indicate scale and is not included in the purchase price. If you would like to pay via another method, I am happy to discuss. Swaps, sex, real money, dares will all be considered.
  15. So for various reasons, mainly money and hopefully, impending engagement/wedding (sshhhh) this is deffo for sale, with a discount for shiters. Currently, I am having the alternator replaced, as it basically died yesterday. I've sourced a good quality second hand one from a breaker with some warranty, and it's been checked and proven to work perfectly. It arrives in a couple of days, and I am paying to have it fitted. So the car is currently awaiting this in the garage. I've already got an alternative vehicle sourced and don't need any PX's, just a straightforward sale. This was purchased from Colc of this very parish, and has been fantastic, alternator issue aside! So.. -130k miles, FSH - stamped book, countless receipts and paperwork, totalling thousands of pounds..mechanically absolutely brilliant. Recent stuff like turbo and other bits, engine is sweeter than your proverbial nut -Full leather with heated seats, Sat Nav, Cruise Control, dual zone climate control..all working perfectly! -recent full service by me approx 2k miles ago involving oil/oil filter, pollen, air..fuel filter included but I ran out of time and haven't actually had time to sit and do it since -rust free! underneath it is fabulous. Seems to have had a very recent new exhaust system too. -MOT till 19th November 2019! No knocks/bangs/ghosts/borrowers/cockroaches. It really does drive brilliantly. Comes with 3 keys, 4 matching Michelin Cross Climate tyres. Only negatives are it has a ding to the rear tailgate, and theres a small patch of paint that flaked off on the rear bumper thanks to aggressive car wash peoples. I'm located in Quinton, Birmingham.
  16. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! *****REDUCED TO £275***** NEEDS TO GO. Hi all. I'm selling my 1996 Volvo 850 estate. Just passed it's MOT with 1 advisory for greased brake pipes, drives really well, starts first time, good tyres and exhaust etc. Giffer owned, so has a few giffer features such as a block of wood to hold the boot open and a drawer string to hold the glove box shut, various giffer scuffs on the body too. Generally it's in pretty good shape, it looks smart, the interior is in good condition etc Bad points, Crack in screen on passenger side (not mentioned at MOT) A bit of rust in the screen surround Front floor wells fill with water, from I think the sunroof drains, can be fixed fairly easily or just tape the roof shut. Radio doesn't work Some rust on drivers front wing. £350 ONO collection from Stoke on Trent.
  17. Right, trying again. I need to downsize the fleet a little bit because of both money and space issues, and unfortunately this is going to be the one to go. As per the "Project" thread, I pulled this thing out of a builders yard in February, saving it from almost certain death. I bought it in the first place because I knew that underneath all the grime there was actually a solid car. Between February and June, it had all sorts done to it, including but not limited to (because I can't remember properly): - Engine oil & filter - 4 brand new Toyo Nanoenergy tyres - Welding to boot floor, rear footwell (I think?) and nearside sill - Timing belt & water pump - Cherrybomb rear silencer, because I couldn't find a proper one for cheap - Usual stuff like wipers and bulbs - MOT (exp. 13/06/2019) I drove it about for most of last month and put about 700 miles on it with 0 hiccups, but it started running like a bag of shite towards the end, getting air in the fuel (presumably from around the filter housing). Naturally, rather than fix this pretty simple issue, I went out and bought another car and decided that I'd rather devote my time and money to that instead. The odometer reads somewhere around 180,700 miles, but from the way it was running originally I see no reason for it to knacker up anytime soon. It really does drive quite well, it's an incredible amount of fun despite only having 59 hp from new, it's very comfortable and it's stupidly efficient when it works properly. It looks like a total shed, but for me that's where most of the appeal lies (others, including friends and various family members, do not see this). Because of this, however, it's kind of a hard thing to put a price on. I'm well over a grand into it in total, but I stopped counting a while back as my eyes would start to water every time I looked at the spreadsheet. So, price wise I'd be happy with about £450 for it, however if I'm dreaming do feel free to tell me. You could most likely drive it home, but I wouldn't be doing so without an AA membership or just massive nads in general, as it's got no dash lights and the headlights are dim as hell. It's located near Preston, Lancashire. Have some photos:
  18. Thinking of selling my 205, its a bit of project but they are only going up in value so this could be a great INVESMUNT OPPERTUNNITY for someone. I am based in Lincolnshire though so there is an element of danger involved if viewing/collecting. Its a 1990 XE model, which is just about as base model as they get. Originally a 1.0, but I've swapped in a 1.4 engine (regular TU3) and 5-speed box. No XUD content here chaps. MoT'd til June and taxed to get you home. Its pretty tidy, a few small dings and scratches here and there but polishes up ok. Interior is slightly mis-match as the previous owner had put GTi bits in, but I've replaced the seats with some decent GL seats which are mega comfy. Rust-wise it has a small hole in the N/S/F inner wing which may affect the next Mot depending on how picky your Mot guy is, and a rust patch under the rear seat. I've replaced pretty much everything on this car over the last 5 years, engine/gearbox/exhaust/front suspension/rear brakes & lines. The front suspension is Monroe GTi shocks with -40mm springs and the rear has been lowered 40mm. I did this 3 years ago and there doesnt look to be any camber on the rear beam. It starts easily with a bit of choke and drives and stops ok. I serviced it about 500 miles ago and fitted a cambelt and clutch when I swapped the engine in 3 years ago. Unfortunately the engine has a vibration/rumble at certain revs. I'm not sure what this is, i think this may be wear in the bottom end, hopefully its something less serious but dont bank on it. The car is located in Lincoln and I'm after around £400. Apologies for the 'just washed' ebay style pics.
  19. Decided to move these pair on, some detail can be viewed here, http://autoshite.com/topic/31016-swedish-tank-no-2-and-random-shite-disposal-update/?do=findComment&comment=1425812 Estate is now out of Mot but taxed to get you home. Saloon will drive onto a trailer. Condition wise nothing much has changed since my last comments on them. Will be looking at scrap price if anyone wants to take either or both of them on. Will be posting a price after I've run the details through a scrap car site.
  20. It’s sadly time for me to depart with the beloved base spec beast. A number of factors have decided this. But my loss is your gain! Potentially. The basics: 1995 BMW 316i, White with unpainted bumpers and base interior. MOT till September. Mileage is 119k. It runs fine but could do with a service. There is a ton of paperwork from 1998 till 2016, then he rest is here on the thread for the car! The bad: There’s lacquer peel, a lot of lacquer peel on the rear of the roof and on the boot lid. The drivers window, the window has come off the regulator. The windows switch has been unplugged as well to avoid accidental use. A lot of trim is sagging/not in place. The park brake is poor, as in park in gear if on a big hill poor. Rear suspension is a little boaty, Stone chips, small dents and scratches as well as the N/S fog lamp blank missing, but they add to the charm. Although I've been using the car for the past few months, I've washed it at work every week and once a month taken it over a pit and had a check. There is the surface rust around the O/S/R arches, and I did a quality* fix of the N/S/R arches last year. (Looks better than it did, but if you look enough you can easily see). The Sill's were painted black, but paint is coming off. Link to thread: http://autoshite.com/topic/25167-so-what-does-%C2%A3191-get-you-bavarian-misery-wagon/ Price: £5.50 a ticket. I’m located just North of Aberdeen. Bad bits photos: HAPPY ROFFLE PEOPLE 1. ohdearme 2. 3. 4. reb 5. 6 7. bramz7 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. brownnova 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21 ohdearme 22. 23. 24. Cheezey 25. 26. 27. 28. Flat4 29. 30. 31. Supernaut - PAID 32. 33 34. bramz7 35. 36. 37. 38. Flat4 39. 40. 41. 42. reb 43. 44. djoptix 45. 46. 47. brownnova 48. 49 50. 51. bramz7 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. Cheezey 58. 59.
  21. Right, so I’ve decided to sell my Volvo V70 D5 and I thought I’d try here before letting it loose to the masses. 2005 Volvo V70 D5 Black with black leather interior 5 Speed Manual 163bhp Euro 3 Engine 210k This is a facelift model but with the earlier Euro 3 engine – no DPF, more reliable and much better mpg than the later engine (I’ve had both). I’ve had this nearly a year and it’s been a great workhorse. I’ve owned quite a few V70 D5s and this has definitely been one of the better ones. It cleans up nicely, although there’s the usual array of scratches and marks. Wheels are all a bit kerbed with lacquer peel. Interior is pretty good, no rips in the seats. Very good spec – electric heated seats, climate control, electric folding mirrors, factory fitted subwoofer. The previous owner spent a considerable amount on this car, had a new clutch/DMF at the beginning of last year along with a new steering rack. Cambelt, waterpump and aux belt were done at 169k (May 2015). It also has a Shark remap, so it’s putting out around 200ish bhp, so certainly shifts. The notoriously optimistic trip computer claims I’m getting 55mpg but brim to brim measuring confirms it’s more like 45mpg. What’s wrong with it? I’d rather list every fault/foible, no matter how trivial. - 12 months MOT but with a lot of advisories, feel free to check the MOT history online. - Due a service (last done at 193k, Jan 2018). - Bit of damage to the front bumper, and offside fog light kaput. - Front passenger footwell carpet wet. The fact that I have to fill up the coolant every three weeks or so made me assume it was the heater matrix, although this was changed 5 years ago so wonder whether it could be the O rings or a seal somewhere. I put some K-Seal in recently and it’s been fine so far, although I haven’t had a chance to dry out the carpet so it really is sopping. - Climate control sometimes a bit temperamental – won’t let you adjust the fan and then after about 15 mins driving it’ll be fine. - Passenger seat doesn’t adjust forwards or backwards. Any other direction is fine, and you can always move it forwards/back with the height adjuster. - Parking sensors don’t work. I think that's everything! There is a fully stamped service book, plus a large folder of receipts as proof of all the work done. The car comes with two keys. Looking for £800. Car is in Cambridge, and I’ll happily pick anyone up from the train station.
  22. Probably easier and clearer to see this as a new topic as opposed to hijacking my exploit thread for it. Former Swedish embassy car. Has a huge amount of Volvo main dealer service history and nearly the same more recent done at the Swedish Car Centre of Leyton. Cambelt and water pump done at 166k, fully invoiced. Recent full tyre change. Tyres still look good. Decent bodywork and very few signs of any oxide. Interior is reasonable, but some bits have aged. Stereo works well. Factory fit cruise control works perfectly. Split climate works. Autobox is good, kickdown gives a good old shove when needed. Seemingly everything electrical works. The not so good. Some marks on the bodywork. Odometer died at 194k, which was roughly two years ago. Going by average annual mileages of that time I would say it's on about 200k. Squeaking from under bonnet whenever running. I think it could be a tensioner. Steering wheel has worn. Front seats reasonably tidy, no torn stitching but the leather needs some love. No load bay cover Handbrake seems crap. I think that's it. I drove to Stansted this morning with the cruise on all the way and it was a brisk walk in the park, obviously. It's not a perfect example but it's cheap for what it is. Plenty of life in it. £500 is firm, potentially open to swaps if they aren't crap. I am in Basingstoke. Could deliver for fuel and travel. Available from 27th March. Reason for sale is that I am getting something else, obviously.
  23. Toyota Yaris 1.0 VVTi These Yaris’ come in two flavours – either they are really really good, in great condition and have just generally been well cared for all of their life or they are poor, missing wheel trims, dented and have just generally been run into the ground. I can confirm that this example is the former for sure! Family friends of ours over in Ewell have tasked me with getting rid of their old Yaris. The car had been in the family for 10+ years going through each MOT needing only a tyre here or there and I think only on one occasion a set of drop links was required. You have to remember though that having only done 49k miles much of what is underneath is original! Why getting rid? The daughter who has been using the car for some years (was previously the mother who gifted to the daughter) is now heavily pregnant and a new Qashqai was purchased for the pushchair etc. So…..the positives….. · EXTREMELY low miles – Just 49k and yes all genuine. Serviced every year just after the MOT and as is typical with Toyotas she runs and drives absolutely perfectly. Engine is obscenely quiet. No lights illuminated on the dash. · 12 MONTHS MOT (well 13 in fact – She runs until April 2020) · BRAND NEW CLUTCH – Not even done 10 miles yet. Replaced with an LUK clutch. The springs in the old clutch plate had broken so a new kit (fluid, clutch kit inc thrust bearing) was purchased and fitted. · 4x virtually new Good year tyres · 2 Keys · FULL TANK OF FUEL · Chain driven engine so no cambelt to have to worry about · Comes with a load of paperwork and old MOT’s · Just been given a deep coat of wax and she looks great – She has also NEVER been welded. A very straight car. · Being the 1.0 she is cheap to tax, cheap to insure and cheap to run so an ideal first car. Other general extras include – Central Locking, Electric Windows, Power Steering, Trip Computer, all colour coded, CD Player, rear headrests, ISOFIX seats so can take kiddies seats fine. Negatives? Just one – In one small area the lacquer has thinned ever so slightly You will be incredibly hard pushed to find one better than this let me assure you. This is no takeaway car that smells of stale Biriyani’s from Saturday night and as such won’t be a few hundred quid. This is a clean example that has been very well looked after and quite literally needs absolutely nothing. This car would last you the next 10 years easy. I’ll give it a few days on here before it goes up on EBay and Autotrader. I can’t see it hanging around. EVERYTHING has been done AND more!! I am listing it for £1,495 but shitters price is £1,295. Roffle per ticket not that I really want to go down that route would be £21.95 call it £22. Roffling does seem like an awful lot of hassle with a car like this that should quite simply sell itself. Car is in Reading and you know the score, I’ll collect you from the local station or whatever. Car could be delivered possibly but fee would be separate to cost of vehicle. Please PM me if interested
  24. Sorry for the extreme 1/2 arsedness of this thread, better pics and details to follow. Quick version: For sale is a 2003 Audi allroad. Got a bit of test left but the clutch has started slipping on boost. Still drivable for now but will need doing. 230000ish miles but engine and air suspension are all good. £500 to a shiter, would get this or more on eBay I reckon. Long version: The car is an A6 Avant with adjustable air suspension for mild off roading. It's had 2 new airbags on the back and a pump rebuild so the suspension works fine. The car has the 2.5 V6 TDI in 180hp flava. Pulls well, was told it had just had a new cambelt and injector pump. No invoice but the pump looks new. Inside is great for the milage, leather seats, aircon, cruise control etc. Outside it has rusty doors and a few scrapes etc. These things are meant to be boss for towing, rated for I think 2.8t braked and a towbar noseweight of 100kg. Other than the clutch I reckon it will need a suspension arm or 3 for MOT and a mildly bodged brake pipe putting right. Brakes work perfect but I've used a T piece with 1 end blanked off to join a repair which is probably not cool from MOT POV. Probably not down for a raffle a a quick sale is needed. Really a great car that would do many years more service for someone with the time/energy to turn spanners on it, currently that's not me. Location: Brighouse, West Yorkshire. One old pic for now, will get more.
  25. Doubt there will be much interest in this on here, but. 1984 Land Rover 90 County Station Wagon (it is a CSW on the log book) It was originally petrol now fitted with a 200tdi. It had a Richards galvanised chassis fitted about 4 years ago (receipt for chassis change is about £4k) I have just had a reconditioned main gearbox fitted as fifth gear had failed (still an LT77 box) I had power assisted steering fitted (new steering box, 2nd hand pump) Just had a replacement fuel pump and turbo fitted. It is having a new MOT (it went in earlier this week and failed on lights, horn, probably dirty fuses or connection, as they were working before and axle oil seals) These are being sorted out. It has a County interior with cloth seats (6 seater as it has a centre cubby box) seats aren't too bad but the fronts need a good clean, it does have a full headlining. No carpets and unfortunately a chequer plate floor in the rear. The thing that let's it down is the bulkhead, it's starting to go and is not going to get better on its own, not desperate yet, but will either need repair or replacement in the next few years. The doors have a bit of aluminium corrosion at the bottom, but the frames still look ok. I will get some up to date photos in the next couple of days, as it's currently at the garage. The photo below is when I bought it, I removed and sold the winch bumper as I would never use it, now has a standard bumper fitted, I hated the wheels so had them swapped for standard steels. It still has chequer plate on the wing tops and the dreadful side steps, but I have removed it from the sills. I paid £6k for it, easily spent a couple of thousand on it since, but would like to get somewhere near six for it to limit my losses.
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