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  1. Daihatsu Materia, £1295 in London Let's run through some things that make for an appealing ad 1. Make sure you've removed the salvage auction markings from the screen 2. Include the whole car in the photo 3. Take the photos in an attractive area, ideally where the nearby properties have glass in the windows 4. Make sure the interior is clean and tidy, with no dubious stains on the seats OK, never mind then.
  2. Fiesta Mk3, just out of MoT, £300 in NE London
  3. Grim Escort Van, £595 in Romford You know when you've finished sorting the paintwork, you stand back and admire it, and realise there's a little bit of paint left over, well why not colour code some of the interior?
  4. Ad was there when I posted but has gone now!
  5. Tidy looking Charade in Chatham, £600
  6. I've normally found the MoT to update pretty much instantly once the test is done, but when I bought my current car back in 2016 I did the tax and ownership change online at the seller's house and it took several days before it showed as taxed online
  7. Just started to watch the first episode on catch up and came on to say the same thing but you're way ahead of me! It's definitely the same car
  8. RS200 as well, according to the seller 😀
  9. Micra with MoT until October, £250 in Basildon Looks like some of the wheeltrims are missing, first job would be to make sure the remaining ones disappear. Cheap motoring though.
  10. Nissan Largo, £450 running project with MoT until October, in Hornchurch "In the process of restoring interior with Persian material all around"
  11. Nice* 206 GTi, £999 "Full aftermarket bodykit custom flip paint black and yellow cost £1500 respray"
  12. Peugeot 206, £220 in Colchester Hardly a straight panel on it anywhere but MoT'd until January.
  13. Rover 75 Connoisseur needing a spring & tyre, £300 in Bishops Stortford
  14. Convertible XJ40, £10k "apprentice built one off"
  15. I had one pop out on my Uno years ago while driving up the A11, my fault as I'd just serviced it, was always a bit wary of overtightening plugs and had obviously been a bit over-cautious with this one. Loud bang, even louder engine running on three (who'd have thought!), fortunately the plug was still attached to the HT lead so back in it went, definite brown trouser moment until I realised what had happened. Glad you spotted it early and hopefully avoided any such drama.
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