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  1. Looks more like £7.50 worth of stuff than £7.5k
  2. A rather feeble 8 in 34 years of driving and only 4 in the last 30 years! Fiat 127 903cc, my first car in 1988, UME13S Lancia Fulvia Coupe NMG472L Fiat Uno 60S C619UPE Ford Fiesta 1.1 THM507S Fiat Uno 60S D474PVH from 1992 to 2001, 77k to 235k Fiat Punto 55SX N734AHJ from 2001 to 2008, 30k to 150k Nissan Almera 1.5 YS53BOV from 2008 to 2016, 45k to 172k Nissan Note 1.4 2016 to date, 89k to 162k I'd love to know what happened to the Fulvia, although scruffy it was solid, running and MoT'd and I sold it to a restorer, but never went back on the road as far as I can tell from DVLA.
  3. Is this what's meant by subliminal advertising?
  4. Move into social housing which is the appropriate size for your family, then have three more children and moan to the paper that you're overcrowded because (shock) your landlord doesn't have a supply of three / four bed homes sitting empty for you.
  5. Fiat 124 Special and Lada combo My dad had a Special T, same colour as this one (photo nicked off the net a while ago), think it's called Brilliant Green, his was KNO434N
  6. Marketplace Audi 100 GL5, £575 in Suffolk "Audi 100 for spares or VERY brave restoration. This car is very rotten. Sills, floor, boot lid are shot. Good parts donor car" If someone restored this, it probably wouldn't end up with any more ground clearance than it has now!
  7. K reg Mondeo topic is here, headed Mondy rather than Mondeo so probably makes it tricky to search for
  8. Pic stolen from a Facebook group
  9. The irony of a timewaster on eBay offering to help you avoid the other timewasters on eBay. Reading this thread makes me glad I've only had four cars in thirty years, the one I've got now, one sold to a friend at work and the other two scrapped at the end of their useful life, wouldn't have the patience to deal with all these idiots when trying to sell a car.
  10. I used to see that quite a lot in Billericay where I live
  11. Bedford CA ice cream van, Maidstone, £1000
  12. I've driven past this sorry looking Megane on a garage forecourt in Kings Lynn a few times, tyres are flat and looks like it's been there a while, but was quite impressed on checking Streetview to see it was there in June 2016, priced at £1995 then and now down to £1695 if anyone fancies it 😀
  13. Fair enough, I'm certainly no expert but there doesn't look to be much 1973 Range Rover left in that apart from the plate!
  14. Marketplace Range Rover, £3995 "It's 50 yrs old" Yeah, not a ringer at all
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