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  1. I'm glad that 240 is still around, used to visit Tavistock regularly and stayed just around the corner from where it lives. I haven't been down for a couple of years but hadn't seen it on my last few visits so was fearing the worst. Always enjoy the spots from the area as it's somewhere I know quite well.
  2. Rickman Ranger, 1.5 diesel Seller could have done with taking the pics from a bit further back
  3. Aussie Bedford CF with a difference Think it's customary to tag @eddyramrodin anything CF 😀
  4. This is a 1967 MGB, apparently
  5. Been meaning to get a photo of this for a while, 52k Perodua Nippa
  6. As this is the grin thread, good to know there was a happy ending
  7. Fiat 127 Sorry if we've already had this, can never keep up with the thread. I had a blue one of these as my first car in 1988, UME13S, although mine did have inner wings
  8. Back end of a Ferrari leather chair with storage, I have two £550 Anyone know which Ferrari this is the back end of? (the one with pram wheels isn't a valid answer)
  9. Free shipping to those countries, if you spend at least 99 euros?
  10. To be honest, it's such a good deal I was considering it even though I don't have a Mokka, would have been a bit selfish though!
  11. Three slightly less than pristine doors for a Vauxhall Mokka, £400. Been up three days and surprisingly don't appear to have been snapped up yet.
  12. It's a Waaijenberg Canta, obviously. £995 in Maidstone
  13. Drove past this garage on Saturday, and for the first time in at least six years, the Megane wasn't there. Kings Lynn has lost a landmark, albeit not one of its more appealing ones.
  14. Was a top night there once again in front of a sell out crowd, I was at the top of the terracing on the road bend so could at least sit down on the steps between races to give my back a rest! Finished at about 10.30 I think, see a few of the regular guys filming so I'm sure there will be more highlights videos to come, but here's one
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