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  1. Me with my dad's Strada in the background, EUL511V I think, the second of three he had. Deja vu as we must have been in some sort of lockdown where obtaining a haircut was impossible....
  2. I received that HMRC penalty notice too, although they managed to spell 'penalty' correctly in the message, the subject line said 'penality' which didn't make it look too convincing, although compared to one I had from 'Loyds' Bank a few years back it wasn't a bad effort
  3. Thought the K92DAW reg looked familiar, that's the one I saw for sale and posted up a few months back, shame such an early one couldn't be saved Early Mondeo for sale
  4. Didn't have a camera on me, but saw LE55 ONZ on a driving school car in Devon the other day
  5. I was watching 'I Love 1984' on BBC2 last night and in a clip of the show 'Tucker's Luck' I spotted this Rover P5B, looked up the reg expecting it to be either made up or if real, the car would be long dead, but no, still showing as taxed and Googling the registration brings up some pictures of it looking in great shape
  6. I was hoping you could make out the reg, it was only on screen momentarily and that was the clearest screenshot I could get, thought it was ...457P but was struggling with the first bit
  7. For several years I've used Sun Motors in Southend, Essex and would definitely recommend them - nice blokes, very fair, honest and trustworthy and always been happy with their work - website here
  8. May not help a lot if they won't take car parts at the moment, but I've always found it's been a lot cheaper to use Parcelforce for international stuff by going via one of the parcel websites like Parcel2Go or ParcelMonkey compared to going direct to Parcelforce. May be worth a look at those two sites anyway as they use a variety of couriers so maybe some will have different policies on what they take? Basically you put in the parcel weight, size and destination and there's usually a decent range of options
  9. Early Mk1 Mondeo 1600 saloon on Facebook Marketplace £600 Can't see the whole reg but K92DAW comes up as a white Mondeo, registered 8th April 1993, MoT expired November 2018. Seller's name rings a bell from banger racing so that may be its fate if it doesn't sell although ad isn't a 'buy or it gets raced' one
  10. A lot of the other ads say that if the MoT shows as expired, the car will come with a fresh MoT, but not this one, so that may tell a story!
  11. i thought maybe the MoT until 2015 bit was a typo given the iffy spelling in the rest of the ad and the fact that it's mentioned almost as a selling point, but it is indeed nearly 5 years since the test expired. Great selection of tat amongst seller's other cars
  12. Reg is KN54ZKK, using this handy info posted by Pillock a few years back You can only do it if the ebay advert has the "Get the vehicle status report" link in the Item Specifics box, where the reg number will be "Y******" or something. Click the link, in the address it goes to something like http://cgi.ebay.co.u...&vrm_d=Y*** *** It'll say "Viewjumppageforvehiclehistory" in the address, and then &vrm= with a load of gibberish. You want to copy the bit after &vrm= until the first % sign - so in the example above, it's WTY2OFhBT Go to https://ww
  13. Only a minor milestone and not worth stopping mid-journey to photograph, but my Nissan Note turned over 150k recently
  14. If this person isn't on here, they should be!
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