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  1. Doesn't look too terrible for £395, MoT Feb 2020 and not bad MoT history Nissan Sunny in Burnham on Crouch
  2. Agreed, I tried some pics earlier today but could barely make the car out through the undergrowth and didn't fancy braving the thorns so fair play to bunglebus! I'm sure the car used to be much nearer the bungalow / office and that's why I thought it had gone, so I think it must have just been dragged away from there when the car wash people moved in and tidied up the area behind. This was my best effort so you can imagine what the others were like!
  3. That's well hidden, I drive past there every day and thought it had gone, used to be pretty visible but I guess easier to see when there's less foliage, good spotting!
  4. Yes definitely, I'm a 2 minute walk away from there
  5. I live very near there and I thought the P5 went a few years ago. There's a car wash operating on the site now who had a bit of a clear up when they started, the P5 was behind the bungalow they use as an office
  6. I live very near there and pretty sure the P5 went a while ago
  7. Compared to some of the gems on here, this actually looks quite a reasonable pic, as pics taken from your front door go
  8. This topic reminds me, a couple of times when driving I've seen a home made pick-up running around in Wickford, it's quite heavily customised so not easy to identify what it is, saw it again last Friday and managed to remember the reg long enough to write it down when I'd stopped and it comes up as a 1971 BMW 2500, any other local shiters spotted it?
  9. Edit, now showing as sold, less than 2 hours since listed https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2000788856894697 Maybe stretching the point about driving away for £200 although it does show as MoT'd until May, bashed Mini for £180 in Dunmow, Essex. Must be worth that in parts and scrap?
  10. Edmonds' bit of the Brass Eye 'Cake' spoof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbEfOsYTq0s
  11. Another Nissan airbag here, a safety device that fires metal fragments at you in the event of a crash, nice
  12. Mazda 6, look. it's over there behind the bins
  13. The Concerto was very tidy, 85k on the clock and only done around 5,000 in the last 6 years looking at its very clean MoT history
  14. Hi, no not me, a ride on mower would be overkill for a 30ft garden!
  15. Went to the pretty Beth Chatto Gardens this afternoon, it's between Colchester and Clacton, coming back to the car afterwards and these had arrived so took a few hasty pics as it had just started to rain, they are the Suffolk Vehicle Enthusiasts from memory, hopefully something of interest
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