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  1. Austin A90 Atlantic on Facebook, must be a rare old thing "Scrap Austin Atlantic- most mechanical and interior missing , body is scrap but chassis is just repairable!!! Very nice number MNX994 and is transferable. Suit kit car or Austin special. Oswestry"
  2. So sorry to hear this Dave, terribly sad news and really does put all our other minor grumps into perspective.
  3. 1965 Ford Zephyr 4 Mk3 £850 on Facebook, in Carmarthen, doesn't look bad for that price. Been standing for several years, its had a lot of work done by different people, due to the standing will need more work. It has a recorded cat C at some point. Passenger front wing fibre glass. Car will need front to rear check and or repair plus full respray. Interior fair some reassembly and 1 door card needed. Engine turns freely.
  4. I posted it up a few months back but can't remember where it was for sale, could well have been eBay, looks quite different now but there surely can't be two of these with N241*** registrations and almost identical mileages so maybe it's just had TLC and a polish in the meantime.
  5. This one may soon cease to exist thanks to ULEZ, but the fringe of East London car. A mid 2000s Japanese car such as an Avensis, it is only seen at night (albeit only just) and it usually has only one working light, which is generally a nearside front sidelight, and will often be found in the outside lane of the A12 despite the inside lane being vacant, and its driver will be oblivious to the presence of any other road users. Interestingly, there is an alternative trope for the same vehicle which is the complete opposite and insists on using front and rear foglights at all times, it's all or virtually nothing here.
  6. I love a bargain so was well pleased in the local Co-Op tonight (it's the Co-Op so probably the £1.30 for a single pack that is wrong)
  7. Inspired thread! This is probably the closest to me so far, especially the rarely washed bit, but mine is petrol so no veg!
  8. I saw this yesterday, never quite got the model registration plate thing as the manufacturer helpfully provides a badge with the information if anyone even cared, but each to their own.
  9. May have posted these before at some point, obviously been there a long time!
  10. Chap around the corner from my Mum's house had a white one years ago, I had A84GTO in my head as the reg but no idea why I would remember that, it doesn't come up on DVLA so may be wrong. I think he replaced it with a BX GTi which must have improved his driving pleasure a fair bit. As said, they were a decent banger in their day, especially with a Ford crossflow transplant.
  11. Spotted this in Norfolk today.
  12. I saw photos of that the other day and thought it might be oval bound, but deserves to live on. Glad he's ditched those trims
  13. neil1971

    Man Down

    So sorry to hear this, watched Nev and the rest of the Outlaws race at Arena many times
  14. That's interesting, I was surprised when I looked it up and it was diesel, didn't realise it was a one-off though. Ebay listing is here, was in Northampton when sold, I saw it in Norfolk
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