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  1. How does serviceable classic chod like this end up with Copart, I always wonder? Also, "estimated retail price" for a crusty Astra on Channel Island plates (prime ex rental spec?) - £4,395! Eeek.
  2. Not quite as interesting as Yoss' Southampton Atlanteans and wotnot, but continuing the south coast theme here's a couple of quick shots of the current equipment in Portsmouth, taken in Hilsea layby today. Still plenty of rattling Streetshite's about, but First down here have had a recent fling with ADL E200s. Two of them here, in 'Star' livery for two of Pompey's flagship routes and in the local generic 'Solent' colours. I like the Solent livery, it's pretty cheery The current depot building was formerly Southdown's Hilsea West depot, with the main Hilsea Depot building being across the road. That went a good few years ago now, replaced with a 'half arsed art deco' style block of flats named Southdown View. Nice touch with the name, but it's less pleasing to look at than its predecessor!
  3. Sadly, as we saw just before Christmas, at least one major bus operator has decided against that idea after decades of embracing it!
  4. Lots of possible insurance scenarios I would imagine; certainly their initial comments very much suggested that they would be needing to find the money to fund repairs. The same situation has occured many times with cars in burnt out commercial garage premises etc, it seems quite a complex area!
  5. Absolutely gutted to see this happened over the weekend: Six little cnuts broke into Reliance Busworks' yard and set about smashing windows on various vehicles, including some which will be nigh on impossible to replace. They also trashed a car parked in the yard, and left a water hose running inside it. The CCTV suggests it was kids. I won't comment any further for fear of being ever so slightly offensive... A GoFundMe page has been set up and, it has to be said, the support so far is immense, so hopefully the business will continue. Any donations, even just a tenner, will of course help. Link is here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/reliance-bus-works-destruction-fund?utm_campaign=p_lico+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer This one is particularly heartbraking:
  6. It's difficult not to agree with this; the newer they are the worse it seems to be: https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1415947
  7. Brilliant pics! Southdown did the 'Solenteer' back in NBC days, there are a couple of models out there. The Plaxton coaches were indeed TGM, they had base in Portsmouth at the time as they held some NatEx contracts I believe. I have a very faint memory of a trip upstairs on something coach seated wearing Red Ensign livery. In later years I assumed it might have been 289, but I don't suppose that ever wore Ensign branding - or did it? More likely to have been one of the coaches I guess? There was a very nice Setra decker that surfaced on ebay fairly recently, was that unique or were there others? 1:76 Solenteer models:
  8. Trains do a pretty decent trade on the Pompey-Fareham-Soton run, the fast services are a journey time of about 45 minutes. I think it comes down to public perception as much as anything, the train is just viewed as the better option for whatever reason. I recall the X27 well, it was a joint Hoeford/Portswood effort I think, with random pair of Volvo B10Bs - M967 GDU was a bus seated Plaxton Verde, and K114 PRV was a Northern Counties coach seated effort. GDU was in service beforehand with CityBus in a plain maroon livery, not sure where PRV came from but it's a local reg mark - both ex demos perhaps?
  9. What an amazing (if a tad bizarre!) tale; what an incredible sight that must have been! Being a lad from the neighbouring city (we'll say no more!) I used to travel to So'ton pretty frequently with my old Nan for days out, starting with the 727 (was there a 747 too?) when it was the preserve of Lynxes. What a fascinating story that route has had over the years (as I'm sure you know!), passing through seemingly just about every operator in the south before ending up back with First's Portsmouth & Fareham ops as the current X4 'Solent Ranger'. I guess that'll be the last route that takes First vehicles into Southampton, unless there are still any local obscurities coming out of Hoeford? I recall during the Barbie days So'ton (I presume Portswood had a paintshop?) developed a particular habit of squaring off windows and such with black paint, which IMHO looked bloody awful! I often wondered what that was all about, a rare bit of local quirkiness though in a sea of corporate identity! (Not my pic)
  10. Superb idea for a thread!
  11. Do I get a prize if I point out that there's a Mito and a Giulietta there? Or just told to stop being a pedantic bellend?!
  12. So difficult to fathom why??
  13. Brilliant! And yet it seems somehow so unwise... 😕
  14. You can prevent this from happening... Go on!
  15. That looks like a *delight to drive...
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