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  1. I proper luv my 1050 Tiger, my first triple and first trumpet. 3 months and 2000 miles in, I'm out on it more than any other bike I've had in the past 10 years. Got a few sharp intakes of breath from other bikers about my back tyre... it shows I've been enjoying myself!
  2. Just swop the wheels front to back. Give the fronts a good pull and wiggle at 12/6 o clock, then 9/3.. I'm not convinced its wheel related...
  3. I've done that many a time.. but the stupidly heavy record vice that I inherited from my dad has survived for more than 60 years. All modern vices are ....
  4. Thank you, that made me laff! Not totally convinced about the name yet... I am older tonight, it was my birthday yesterday, so I'm older today.. that sounds daft! I had a letter about my pension today too.. I'm only 48 FFS!
  5. Just become a grandad again πŸ™‚ grand daughter no2, born this afternoon a wee bit early. 5lb8. Ella Rose. Got another 2 on the way!
  6. I get a constant 42.6 from my 71 plate mwb low roof Transit.. slightly more than my 70 plate swb custom. Mwb high roof did 41.3..
  7. Neighbour and local car dealer/property dealer/coach company owner/Budweiser drinker just picked up a mint genuine 190e 2.6 Sportline for a grand. Properly dry stored for 15 years.. started with some fuel and a jump. Why do I never find these things.😣 In other news, the Focus passed its MOT today, no advisories. Thank ****as I'd forgotten all about it until yesterday that it was due today..
  8. All newer Transits have a suitable receptacle, its behind the flap just under the fuel filler neck. πŸ˜†
  9. Looks like this place has shut down.. πŸ™
  10. This is getting stupid now. Dont come to Edinburgh on a bike. American tourist had his bike stolen the other day, and 2 German bikers had their GS's stolen last week. The scrotes dont wear helmets so the police wont chase them... they bait the cops popping wheelies past the patrol cars. Bikers are gonna start taking the law into their own hands. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/crime/edinburgh-crime-news-motorcycle-instructor-in-the-capital-set-upon-by-group-of-youths-in-balaclavas-as-they-try-to-kick-him-off-his-bike-3825688
  11. I reckon a big lunch in that top box and you could wheelie for miles! 50% saving in tyres..
  12. Same here, always wanted one, could never bring myself to get one. Had plenty boxers and liked them a lot, but something has always stopped me.. watching with interest!
  13. I was shocked how dry and crispy the whole of central France was. Sad and scary.. even late evening it was still over 30.
  14. They're all getting that way. Finding a good original one isn't easy either.. seem to attract the adonsised crowd.. Sorry, anodised.
  15. I'd have a ZRX1200 all day long.. 😍
  16. Somebody looking to make Β£1200+ profit for doing feck all.. Am I stupid for selling things for what I think they are worth, or am I stupid for being Edd China and doing everything for nowt. The car is a goodun, but all 4 arches are aerosoled, as is the bonnet. Everybody thinks they are Mike Brewer these days. I think I've made a profit once from selling a car, and that was a Citroen XM! My SLK https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1383718412122763/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks
  17. Even this is changing.. I had a couple of those on the back of my truck when they took the huff with being a car, and the CH-R seemed to have similar issues.
  18. Does the bumper bracket still exist? These usually dissolve, and cause the wing rust. I dont think you can get them from Merc. I had to get a bit creative to be able to attach the bumper ends to the wings as my brackets had gone.
  19. The AC on these is great, clutches can be changed easily in situ.. in fact I have one from when I did all the work to mine. I did loads of work to mine to make it good. rebuilt the AC, Full transmission and fluids service, paint, dash bulbs, 4 new tyres, undersealing, waxoiling,..loads of stuff.. and sold it for less than I paid for it,, there are hundreds for sale at the minute, all around a grand or less. I'd have liked anything but silver, but not many new buyers had any balls. Disconnect the little fan in the fusebox- 1 grey 2 pin plug into roof module, the thick twisted wires. Its not needed and it will die, and burn out the roof module, so you lose roof, windows ,locks and the alarm goes nuts. If the key boot lock doesn't work the fuel cap is impossible to open too Happened to me a couple of weeks ago on the way to France. Be careful having the bonnet open in the wind, it can flip right back (can open vertically like a W124) and take out the screen.. Electric seats are very uncomfortable after an hour or so- probably a lot thinner than manual ones. Really spoiled it for me as a continental cruiser. The seat relay under/behind the light switch can die because of solder cracking.. If the ABS/ETC gives issues, the roof wont go down. Post 2001 facelift (OBD compliant) models - the supercharger runs constantly. Headlight seals shrink and the lenses mist up. I split mine and siliconed them and cured it. DO NOT try and clean the reflectors, the silver just wipes off.. I loved mine to begin with, and loved the roof/open driving and being back in a Mercedes again. After a while I got a bit Meh. Its not fun to hustle, the steering isn't all that, the traction control/stablilty control stops you having any fun, its not that comfortable for me, doesn't sound that nice, not that quick, and has quite a few issues that were obviously Mercedes mid 90's cost cutting, which hurts me most of all. Glad I've owned one, had a decent holiday.. won't have another.
  20. I'd love to have loads of cars, but live on a busy road with terrible parking, the Focus needs £££ spent on it, I have a company van so never really use a car and I use the bike when I'm having a day oot.. 2 grandkids due in the next few months, 2 dogs dont go in the SLK and I need the money! More reasons not to have it than keep it πŸ˜† Also I prefer an MGF, but nothing compares to an X1/9...
  21. Stuck the SLK up for sale as it's done its job now. Had nothing but nonsense messages all day. This place is saturated with them so not much point in putting it up hereπŸ˜†
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