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13 hours ago, JeeExEll said:


Is it a pick-up or a van or a saloon?

-  It's all three!! It's a PICKAVALOON. The best of three worlds.

And it handles like a sports car.

The best of four worlds. Four.


...and tries to look like an Ami6. That's five.

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In 1971, near the end of 21 years of the production of Zephyrs, Ford did a competition where the prize was a new Zephyr. You had to suggest a name for the last 1000 limited edition models and Graham Hill would choose the winner. (Woooooooo !).

And the winning entry?

- 'Special Zephyr'.

Brilliant!!! Well, thanks for that.



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On 7/6/2019 at 8:54 AM, JeeExEll said:


The 1600 GT Wifeswapper Special, introduced in mid summer 1971.

With power bulge. Fnaaaaar.

She's not pissed you know.

Pah! I spit on your puny 1600GT. My family had a 2000GT in Amber Gold and that had a MATTE black bonnet. Snazzy!

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