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92 cadillac Eldorado


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59 minutes ago, Mrs6C said:

Headlights would be RHD spec. even though car is LHD, if Japan export model... 

Headlights are indeed RHD. 

Bulb orientation has been doctored... Hopefully good enough to please CT tester. 

On the plus side, the rear lights are fine for EU use 😁

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  • 3 weeks later...

Another parcel has arrived from Rockauto. 😁


Amongst the part was a cam position sensor. 


Obviously the cam position sensor is conveniently placed under the dizzy rotor... 


Basterd fiddly to remove 😫😫

Check engine light is now out 😁

Hopefully get a few more mpgs too. 

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  • 3 months later...

It's been a while 😐

But today I've paid the registration fees. 

Main hold up was the VIN being incorrect on the V5 😫

Lots of extra photos, documents and finally an explanation of GM VIN numbers showing what the actual serial number is. 

Should have the new log book in the next few days 😄

It's been so long that the insurance company reduced cover to minimum, new log book will reinstate proper cover. 


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