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1991 Cadillac Fleetwood Project Thread


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10 minutes ago, jonathan_dyane said:

You did much better out of the deal!

The guy told me he'd call back if he couldn't get the gearbox fault to clear and we could swap back over.

I was diplomatic, I told him "yeah I'm a decent fellow, I'd honour that".

Then blocked his number.

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But my heart tells me to keep it held in a death-grip and hiss like a xenomorph at anyone who tells me to sell it.

I rofled at this sentence. 

They've done that 90s thing where you take a 70s or 80s shape and soften the edges a bit like its been lightly melted. It's horrible but I kind of like it.

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8 hours ago, HMC said:

How big are these?

Scientifically speaking, "fucking hyooge".

Honestly though not as big as I thought. Not terribly wide, about as wide as a modern fat SUV, but quite long. Like.. two hot-hatches bumper to bumper long. It's longer than my Supra and that bastard is already really bloody long.

8 hours ago, jumpingjehovahs said:

Those seats look fantastic, the whole car is brilliant but the interior looks like a good place to sit

Seats are ridiculously comfortable! The steering wheel though.. ugh.. I had to peel my hands off it after the drive with an audible noise like removing flypaper. Scrubbed my hands raw when I got back. How are some people so disgusting.

1 hour ago, Dabooka said:

Are you familar with Leisure Suit Larry?

Very. ?

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