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small update,cd player works great,service started pollen filter,bought engine oil from poundshop plus £15 duckhams qs,jacked up rear check for corrision advise,just surface ,slapped on kurust,than black underseal,all good.drove fine,next day flashed up misfire,easy fix put in new denso plugs £8 for set four.strange about cat n,as logbook turned up,,but all clear in notes section,rear dent on passenger side,filled with fibreglass filler,painted hammerite smooth silver,looks shite,who cares..





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wheel bearing was getting noiser,so time for new one,stripped down hub ,used new cotter pins,on lower bajjoint,track rod end,30 mm on driveshaft nut,time for cheapie £8..,took to mate to press the old one out previous one was febi made in india,!!!so all good to go,my new bearing was made who knows where,nowt on box, does have 2 y gtee,see how that goes.

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