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Sad News for the ASMM and SVM and the HOLE WELD


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A lot of the stuff at Cannock was pretty close to ‘End of Life’, so a lot of things of the equivalent ‘quality’ will just get scrapped now.

IIRC Sloth did an ‘still on the road?’ analysis using one of his old catalogues, only about 5% of the cars were still Mot’d and taxed 12 months after going through the ring. 

Cannock didn’t have many main dealer part-ex’s, I suspect a lot of it was probably going from one trader to another until the MoT ran out.

The row of ‘quality’ newer stuff was always good to check out just how shagged out ‘premium’ German cars could be at 7 or 8 years old.

There was a dire example of a Mercedes CLS which looked like it had been through at least 5 - consecutively less successful - drug dealers in the last decade, it would have been a perfect example for someone looking for one to know what to avoid! 

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Been to memorial service at church then come home to read all this. I am doubly sad.

I have some of the sheets as paper still, but others were scanned and binned. Will that spring clear out come to haunt me in the years to come 

In all the auctions at Cannock 3 cars tempted me to bid on them.

A Proton Satira GTi with a hole in the driver's seat, a red Alfa 147 2.0 and something that was bright yellow, Japanese and had a 1.3 turbo, but I can't remember the make or model offhand.

All 3 were in the £300 to £400 bracket at the hammer.



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