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Peugeot 306 cabriolet 2.0 for sale in blue £130

messerschmitt owner

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Ah yes, kind of wish I'd bought an X gauge back when they were available.

I've got one of these:



It's great apart from the fact it won't work with my current car as my car is not OBD compliant :(


It's a good bit of kit you can read a lot of info with it and then set up your own dash board displaying what you're interested in, I think it's been superseded by later models but you can still get them for ~£60 from AliExpress. Mine wouldn't let me mix metric with imperial units so I could have km/h and C or mph and F so I just used it in metric mode and used the speed calibration factor to make it display my speed in mph. I used it a lot when I was messing about with cold intakes as I could see the intake temperature as I was driving. 



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Handbooks and history arrived yesterday, thankyou.


Had a cuppa whilst reading the service history


This one was made and sold in France but bought, imported and sold as new by a garage in London.

interestingly sold at about 2/3 the uk list price too.
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