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Dripping @rseflaps! The BX has had a smash


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well, you know I leant the BX to a mate as it wans't getting used and I didn't want to get rid of it and the mate got stopped by the police etc (see The Count of Shonky Citro aka Scooters criminal woes of last week).


well, I got a call from him today - he parked it too close to a lorry which has totaled the bumper, nearside wing and front indicator when manouvering away - hit and run as well.


Hugely cheesed off about this -


so I now need a near side wing - the angular nature of the BX wings are way beyond andy of my pikey mate's fabrication skills, and worse - a new front bumber in grey - the plastics on the BX are made with the colour in the resin - painting another one doesn't always work, also the meteor bumper - might - be different from the standard spec ones ....




If only I had a daf to swap Campbell for his TGS Auto then I could mothball this one and use it as a spares car!

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sounds silly, but I would take a tidy Daf in exchange.


Sorry to hear about the accident.


afaik, all BX bumpers are the same but the ones with fogs have a hole cut out of them.


The only difference is the colour. You can get plain old grey ones and paint them but it is a bugger to get a smooth finish. Wing should be no issue, neither should a headlamp/indicator. Onto the BX club for them all.



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Almost impossible to run a snotter cost effectively without the interweb thingy. The bx is a very good example especially the cared versions...most mechanics under 25 don't understand the suspension or carb with electronic injection. There are sites that break down every single detail of the car to an absurd degree including upgrading and modifying stuff like the heater effectiveness...reversing psa s cost engineering. The guys on the various bx forums share parts and knowledge generously for those wanting to keep them on the road.


Without the interweb there would be no Bollox tech pages or Nige heroics for us mortalz to worship

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Talk about lucky but, there's a complete grey BX Meteor in Jackson's car dismantlers in Wrexham - I can do the deeds if you are desperate or too far? :)



Ooerr the thought of that gives me a semi!


I may well take you up on that Station, we have located a possible one in Jedburgh but I'm not sure it's the right colour, just waiting to check

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Station old chap,

Looks like the Jed car is red!...wing can be painted but bumper really has to be grey. Looks like I might be coming down to north wales for a bits collection...

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Good news,


We've been able to source a colour perfect wing, bumper and a brand new indicator for 110 quid all in including postage...however, it took a good week of looking...


The sad news is that the BX seems to have almost totally disappeared in a mere 10 years as a common site both on the road and in the scrap yard

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