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nigel bickle

Oh gawd -what have I done!

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Ed -if a 312 comes up out there- its coming to Sussex!!Looked at one horror in the American mid west -but decided against -shipping to the docks was gong to be a monster hassle, cost of contaiinerisation was also a 'no-no'.But -if you want parts shipped I can put them in the 2 cars yet to leave (primarily Fiat -near empty; Bellets virtually full). Offers open to all- till spare space is taken.All cars there are rhd Reg,they dont allow lhd! So the Fiat -with 52,000 miles on it, resplendent with its original 1200cc engine -will be close to original.They suffer different probs. The tyres are always knackered- sun kills them if they arent used, brake seals fail -again the heat, and the dash tops are prone to cracking -although mine so far have been OK.The Fiat chassis plate shows its made specifcally for Australia so I'm looking forward to seeing the diffrences- cant spot any in the pics.Fitting new tyres (it'll be going onto period alloys anyway) is infinitely preferable to welding 37year old Italian tin.I have a nice 2 litre twink& 5spd -if I can find the time. Might even fit a few Lada badges....Roll on Feb -when it'll get here.

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