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Although I've only joined this forum earlier in the year, I picked up on car spotting a few years ago, and during that course of time I had quite the collection! I would've thought about posting them under the "Lazy spotters" thread but since there are (checks gallery) about 160 photos they might as well warrant their own thread here.

I'll start on a sombre note, by sharing the cars that are no longer with my local area, just one or two years since these photos were taken. Most of them I'm not 100% certain if they've been scrapped, but some of the cases I do know they have been. But don't worry, more will be coming up of the ones that are still around! 😁

To start things off is this K-reg Vauxhall Astra that visited my town, parking opposite my previous address. I believe it was owned by a relative of a neighbour who stayed overnight. A lovely example of a saloon version, but has sadly been scrapped since the photo was taken back in May 2021.




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Carrying on with the sombre theme, in July 2022 I spotted this tidy-looking 1989 Nissan Micra, which was parked round the corner from a pub. However, looking on the DVLA, it appears the car was untaxed at the time (tut, tut) and its MOT certificate expired not long after. Don't know where it could be now, but one hopes that it hasn't been lost by owner's irresponsibility. :sad:



On a slightly less criminal theme, I also spotted this K-reg Toyota Corolla when I visited Addlestone in November 2021. Again, nearly two years on, this car has since been scrapped.


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