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Lewis Mackland

Hello All- introduction to my little Toyota

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19 hours ago, beko1987 said:

Would you have been tooYota of these had been about when you got your savvy? (or were they already about? If so why didn't you?) 

I had a week MOT on my Suzuki Swift.... Saw ad in free paper "guaranteed £1k deposit against new Savvy [if MOTd*]"

..... drove round... Test Drive... Selected showroom model... Sorted bankdraft & collected Sat morning.

37024168775_e5e22a2a66.jpgSavvy at Carter Bar by tooSavvy, on Flickr

TBH never 'did the dealers' looking for more/better.

Total cash £6k and drove for 9yr - no FTP and no big bills :)

Punted for £250**.... Drove to the Wirral and got ToMM© for £350.

Fairly unexciting car history for last 11 years ;)

** 250 was offered against a 2yo turbo 1.0 Dayychaaa ... rather have ToMM© tbh :)

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