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Oops. I Have Three Cars Again Inc. Dai-shat-su Charade


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So, I found myself up at Errol in Perthshire at the weekend.


I had a idea that I would buy another motor. The little Daihatsu had caught my eye in the previous catalogue but it had failed to sell.


The guide price was £1 to £.5k, hence the reason for he sale failure, I would imagine.


Anyway, it's black, very basic (no radio, manual windows) but with only 11k miles on the clockometer.


It came with the original manual, original dealer sticker, some wet wipes in the glove box and lots of earth under the rear arches!!! Bargain!


The V5 was missing so I will pick up a V62 very soon.


It's still in the auction hall as the shunt around guys said they couldn't move it until the auction ended and the hall was clear. I couldn't stay until then so will pick up on Thursday evening.


I keep calling it a Toyota Starlet for some reason. My brother says the interior reminds him of the '96 Micra he owned some years ago.

You know, hard, grey plastic everywhere.



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Only 11k miles in 20 years? Impressive. How much did it set you back?


MOT history seems to show a 10 year gap between 2007 and 2017 which probably explains the low mileage. Wonder why it was off the road for a decade.

Something like the previous owner couldn't face driving it and making it not much further than the top of the road before crying into his hands.


Joking aside, what was it, elderly owner or somefink?

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I picked up the car yesterday. It burst into life after a jumpstart. The engine died after I failed to give it enough power to drive over a large speed hump. Another jumpstart was required at this point.

I drove 50 miles home with no issues, everything seems to work, no banging or clanking noises - other than one thing; a noise like a wee man using a power drill which seems to get louder near the back of the car. It sounds like a whining fan type noise but not sure, really.

Anyway, I turned the engine off at home and again it failed to start. All lights etc were working at this point. It just won't turn over. A new battery has been suggested..


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