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Squeaking dry wheel bearing on A class


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My father has some horrible modern (well modern too us) 2006 A class which to be honest he really likes but it's developed a horrible squeaking noise when it hits a bump which I believe to be a dry wheel bearing .


I've not worked on any cars from this century and I hear these are sealed units now and gone are the days that you could remove a dust cap and pack them out with grease.


So Is there any way of whacking a bit of grease around the bearing or is it time for a complete new sealed unit or will just turning the stereo up do the trick.

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If you hear it only when the car hits a bump, I'd look at the suspension: Struts, bushings, etc. Usually a bearing noise varies with vehicle speed.

I had to replace all four wheel bearings on my 1990 300TE. The rear two required a 20 ton press, the fronts were conventional but for the reassembly procedure, which specified a very precise measurement. If it turns out that you need to replace an entire control arm for the sake of a wheel bearing, I wouldn't be too surprised since M-B probably would rather not have wheels coming off their cars due to some grease monkey who didn't follow their instructions. They make more money; you spend more at the dealer service department--everyone* wins.














* ...in the boardrooms...

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Thanks guys for the advice... He's now getting a new NSF wheel bearing fitted next week sometime..

It's a weird one really as it's quiet till you take a bend with a bit of a camber then the squeak varies with speed afterwards and comes and goes..

It doesn't sound like a normal knackered wheel bearing drone though as it's just an annoying high pitched squeak..

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