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  1. TIL Themas were offered with PRVs
  2. Testing: water in boot after jet wash? None. Roof grommets replaced. New coolant cap. Hoof it for traditional dinner. Revs well. Pulls well. Full tank of super and check for piddling... Clutch feels like it needs a fluid change, tyres need pressure sorting, but you can feel the fundamental rightness of how it must have driven new.
  3. Related: I have just arranged to buy the perfect numberplate for it.
  4. Yes - that was what was supposed to happen to the number but I didn't know if it had, and hadn't seen any topics or anything to jog the memory I am actually really relieved that it got sorted.
  5. See, I can't think of a better car for it to end up on. K series, 666 chassis, and the Death Of Rovers. Was contemplating putting A4RTK on, then pondered swapping K666RTK on from Lilith but frankly the Cruiser has earned it. It'll probably stay on the original 05 plate instead.
  6. My memory is fuzzy but if it made its way back to HGF Motors, which I think is that connection (where I got the hearse from) that is at least a relief. I suspected the hearse it was on would not have survived this long!
  7. No, not the hearse! Though I am curious what became of that poor beast. The registration! I should have retained it but didn't, it was a chaotic time - and my MG ZT with xxx666 chassis number and at least one head gasket in its 97,000 miles made me think "wish I still had that!" It's on a Peugeot 4007 now - which is awesomeshite - but is it one of us?
  8. Here it was in 2018 - my, how car prices have changed! I'm not going to sell it, I would contemplate swapping for a RWD Volvo estate, but I can't imagine anyone would want to do that. It is growing on me when i look at it and consider which little fixes I will make https://www.the75andztclub.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=288664
  9. Spoke to previous owner. Yes. This is going to be a lot of fun when I've got a new coolant cap on and checked that wiring to the boost controller... How do you deal with scratched side windows? Thick waxes help or just replace the lot?
  10. This is a MAC boost controller. I have a suspicion this car may have maps other than the navigation.
  11. Also I'm looking very askance at that colour inside the boot and rear seat floor compared to the black exterior. Is that just "because MGR" or does this car have STORIES?
  12. Empty the boot - some spares in it. Silicone hose set would look nice installed. Dry it out is job 1. New tail light seals needed? Need to do some googling. The boot floor fibreboard is wrecked 😕 Needs the headlights polishing, but I've done that before.
  13. Given it's below the waist line at this age that's more likely a varicose vein. Or a support stocking... It looks like a car that's lived outdoors for six months over winter. But the brakes didn't bind, the engine didn't overheat, the clutch didn't stick (it did squeak). I wonder if the towbar is any use... To be fair while a bit underpowered and pedestrian next to the ST, it's quite capable of pulling itself down a bendy Fens corrugated road very well and that's on knackered suspension and shit tyres at a "I'll stick 30psi in" level of fucks given, I'm quite impressed.
  14. It's a long story, but no, my grandma's sister doesn't drive, her son's responsible for it being at her house, but he didn't want it there either... Anyway, since it started I insured it. eSure being weird and oddly expensive so it's with Moja. Which is Axa. No idea if it's good, it was cheap! Test drive: Pondered for a while and decided to take it home and go back for the Ford rather than driving an unknown turbocharged kettle in Monday traffic... Seemed fine, glitches so far: I had a full set of headlights but OSF dipped failed. Hence the foglights. I may have a brake pad warning or brake fluid light. Mirrors wouldn't adjust but lots of poking the switch on the A1 work them up (power fold works). Drivers door needs key to unlock. Sun blind is stuck up. Hesitation/fuel starvation when foot down but it's improving, maybe a duff boost regulator or something but also it has a gold coloured electronic box cable tied to the fan, and a weird three pipe metal junction with a wire on not commected to owt - with a more production-ey version of the same in the same area. Maybe a boost mod or something. Cupholders are shit. Can't set the clock because non-original radio, but the steering wheel controls work (as does the radio's CarPlay). Boot full of new suspension bush and service parts (no coolant cap, boo) and also water. Soggy parts. Soggy fibreboard. Soggy boot trim. Poor car. Sad bit. I will Kurust for now. Also "yeah more cars?" - be careful what you wish for. Lilith is already cursed. But this. This was STAMPED with the number of the beast. So I had nicknamed it the Black Beast of Costcutter, but I can't do that to a black clad Brummie. It's called Ozzy.
  15. Well, it's mine now - will I regret my choices? Probably not given the stainless steel fat exhaust on it...
  16. I can stop anytime. I'm in control. I just enjoy a bit of WD40 and mild peril now and again. I'm not an addict. Am I? Pre-collection fred. So Grandma is ill. She's lived in the same place since 1952 and you may remember my offering her stove after house clearance, her sister lives next to her old house and had a car on the drive. It turns out the car was not wanted on her drive. So while visiting Grandma in hospital, I stopped at Morrissons to get sweets she likes and scour the Hot Wheels, but I came back with five cars, not four. One of them is 1:1 scale - and hasn't moved for six months or so, has a flat battery, so before arranging transport I'm taking advantage of a dry, bright day to get it prepped and checked. Load up the ST. Vital fluids: Upside-down vital fluids (for organic being). Halfords for a battery - an 063. Before you get excited that this is a clue, it's for the Spitfire "in the future" but it'll do to wake this one up...
  17. I seem to have acquired another car. I try to cut down and like a Phoenix from the ashes another vehicle springs Fourth. Need to get a battery and logistics in order to retrieve it, however...
  18. But the other vague possibility could be failed and leaking capacitors in the ECU causing weirdness. It's about the right age and era for such shenanigans.
  19. Is it possible that the bodgers have joined the wiring for two sensors onto one working sensor, thus reversing the polarity of the neutron flow, in the belief that this would fool the car into seeing two outputs? It's too early for me to brain but from my computer PSU faffing days I remember there being tricks to get different voltages by combining outputs. Suspect a search for scotchlocks up the loom somewhere is in your future.
  20. Fast, fun, and off sale in June like all Feistys
  21. I've only just got it and I'm already dreading the day it goes back
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