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  1. My poor garage hoover. One mouse nest removed… Also got the seatbelts out of the way…
  2. I think I found the front ones - WD40 still soaking. In the meantime, more garage tidying and organising:
  3. Debating buying a private plate for this beast. If anyone was interested in buying now is the time to be serious, ‘cause the moment it has a 5-digit number and XJ-shaped rear plate it is here for the long haul…
  4. Ah, I couldn’t find a top-down bolt at all - these feel like there are captive bolts as part of the seat mounting that are bolted up, from underneath. It’s all VERY flat to the floor, practically sandwiching the carpet. I’ll have a go at getting the seat off at the pivot - there’s plenty of time for WD40 to soak!
  5. Floors look okay, it’s all frilly edges around the seams rather than completely rotten - and it could be bodged, my goal at the moment is to get the interior out, wiring sorted and something that could be driven but needs a bonnet and tidying. It’s just revealing all the skeletons in the closet! What I wanted to was always going to be a mammoth task - steel wide arches, body good enough to support candy flip metalflake, and all the interior trim looking worthy of 180bhp+ of roadster.
  6. Work ate me so little progress has been made, however, some tidying of the garage to free up space has happened: What I have continued with is removing the rotten interior trim parts… Which revealed the inner rear arches. The arches are riveted and fillered on over, er, a gap. More worrying is the rivet that I think is holding a cover sill on. Okay, so, no news there, it’s an old restoration of an old car. Decided to remove the badges and store them with a view to seeing if the boot skin could be repaired, and revealed something… It’s hard to make out but that is some bold type outline that once spelled “INJECTION”. So I think we can be confident that the TR6 lump was originally installed with the injection intact, and that’s why there’s a familiar looking fuel pump arrangement of bolts in the boot floor. Next: Having investigated a lot, I’m going to try undoing the seat bolts but if they resist going to cut them off - can’t get carpets out or repair seat foams with them still in the car. Little bits at a time. Hopeful I am wrong about the cover sills, but if not, the inners still look okay from the inside of the car.
  7. Jag update: Drove to Peterborough to swap cars on the way to Heathrow; XJ6 so smooth on most of the drive that I was tempted to use it for the whole trip. Brakes are sticking, though - by Peterborough it was on ful pull-and-wobble phase. So next job: new EBC discs & pads and clean up the calipers. I guess I'm not going to end up selling this thing after all...
  8. Little details that make me happy. I can’t remember if I shared the complete mess this was before…
  9. Today in LED all the things… Jaguar didn’t like LED reversing lights so they went in the BMW (The BMW will also get those foglights, I’m a big fan of yellow for fog - genuinely makes it easier for me)
  10. Out and about. H3 LED bulbs are too big to reassemble the light with them fitted, but I want yellow ones anyway.
  11. Well, the lamp housings didn’t show up, but one bit done at least…
  12. More lighting. Considering using the orange ones in the number plate lights as I always find the white number plate lights a little harsh. Guess which sidelight holder is being a PITA.
  13. These are bayonet with adjustable clicks - feel very solid. Won’t get much of a road test for a while, mind!
  14. That Opel badge on the dash… my red Berlinetta 1.8S I did that on, streetlights used to circle around it as you drove, it was hypnotic. If that car were more complete I’d have so much envy.
  15. I review things on Amazon and had a glut of LED lights - which appeared to be a pig to fit but actually, they’re easy because the collars detach. These lights are about £15 a pair which is less, I think, than Halfords charges for a pair of uprated halogens. So now the Jaguar is so bright I gotta wear shades… I’ve also clay barred the tail and leading edge of the boot including brushing the seam and cleaning all the edges, then polishing with three coats of Autoglym. Going to investigate ceramic coating the bootlid and chrome strip… pictures to follow when all the parts are here. Right now the dipped beams swamp the mains (cutoff is correct but the mains are just feeble) but I have another set of H7s on the way.
  16. Unlike the Austin MiniMetro, which was built by Roberts.
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