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  1. This is my old Italian... Need to dig it out from under a huge pile of shit in the garage and get out and ride. Here are some local scoots...
  2. Sorry for the blurry phone picture. The holes are 1/8" diameter - not sure what that equates to in that new fangled metrical system... Apparently it helps the powder flow better. You should also check the seal on your powder tub to the gun as it can be a bit leaky - mine is fine but my mate's lets a small but steady stream of powder escape - nothing that can't be fixed though. Looking forward to seeing your results.
  3. Glad to see you got the Eastwood gun - I have had one for ages and you can do a job equal to that of the professionals, albeit limited by the size of your oven. I get my powder from https://www.powderbuythepound.com/ but there is probably somewhere more local to you for supplies. Eastwood used to do an improved tip for that gun but they no longer list it on their site - I will get a picture of mine for you as you can easily modify it yourself.
  4. Who knew there was a place called Napoleonville in LA... must check Google maps before slagging off deep south French territory...
  5. CA help available - ya know, just in case you don't have phones n internetz down there in Napoleonville...
  6. Careful now Herr TEH Junkman, you might get accused of making with those negative vibes man...
  7. Yeah! What raises the temperature of my urine is that on the French version of Wheeler Dealers they call the bonnet "le capot" and the cheeky fuckers call the boot "le coffre" fukin twats!
  8. Satnav? Fuck off.... this is what you want*
  9. You know Phil, I haven't a friggin clue what you are doing... but I am enjoying watching you do it. Keep up the good work!
  10. Clanger

    USA Road Trip

    Driving across country a few years ago I settled in behind a big rig in Arizona and we stayed with him all the way through New Mexico and into Texas - he was cruising at 80 and that suited me fine. Later on, driving through Texas a highway patrol car executed a Smokey and the Bandit style u-turn across the grass median and pulled us over - he let me off with a warning and advised me to drive no more than 10 over the speed limit unless I was going through some of the po' dunk towns that would ticket us out of towners for the revenue...
  11. Clanger

    USA Road Trip

    The great rental car insurance conundrum... one of my pet peeves. The rental car is insured - it can't be on the road without insurance. However, here in California, as is the case in all states that allow it, the rental company is self insuring. In other words they are also the insurance company and the vehicle is insured to be driven by anyone authorized by the rental company. The catch/problem arises when it comes to the issue of damage to the vehicle - in the contract that you sign you agree that you will be responsible for damage to the vehicle unless you either have your own insurance or, you pay for the "insurance" they sell you. Any third party that you injure or cause damage to will be covered under the rental company's policy.
  12. Clanger

    USA Road Trip

    Card vs. Cash - I rarely, if ever use cash - in fact I have to go to the bank right now as the place rebuilding the water pump for my Rover only takes cash - so, while cash is always useful, you will be fine with your card. Stop signs - yes, yes, and thrice yes. Come to a complete stop, cars that arrive at their stop sign before you and traffic to the right has right of way. If you make a right turn on a red light only do so after coming to a complete stop and making sure it is safe to go. Speed limits... of course the answer is always obey the posted speed limit. That being said, on regular roads I keep very close to the limit, no more than 5 mph over, but usually right on the limit. On Freeways I generally cruise at 75 mph or so, and I am not the fastest car on the road either. Local rule of thumb, try to keep within 10 mph of the limit and don't take the piss if you see any police vehicles. And, you can overtake on the inside on the freeway, so if someone won't move over, just duck up the inside if it's safe to do so. Dodge Durango pfffft - Dodge Ram 4x4 with the 5.7 hemi.
  13. Clanger

    USA Road Trip

    Buying a car for a non-resident isn't a problem, neither is insurance - but, do you really want to wander around in a strange country trying to find a bargain? Presumably you only have a finite amount of time for your holiday - easiest route is rental. I am sure that some of the smaller companies have rules about taking their cars out of the state but I generally rent from the larger places and have never come across this - out of the country, yes... out of the state, no. Enterprise are my usual choice - unlimited mileage, take the car anywhere you want in the country - good selection, compact car through full size pick-up trucks and SUVs - reasonable prices. Bear in mind that second hand cars here aren't as cheap as they are in the UK - so, if I see something for $1,000 I have to ask myself "how bad is it?" I know I would be reluctant to gamble my holiday and my money on a "bargain." Besides this is what you really want... https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/cto/d/1972-ford-ltd-station-wagon/6745066214.html San Francisco... I love the place but it can be very touristy and very expensive. And, some parts are a real shit hole and can be dangerous if you don't know where you are. I usually get an air bnb when I go as it usually works out cheaper than even the cheap hotels. Alcatraz is worth a visit but, as has been mentioned it will be crowded. Years ago you could just hop on the ferry but now you will need reservations. If you like Irish Coffee there is the Buena Vista near the wharf - it's got quite the reputation and serves something like 2000 a day. LA to San Francisco in 6 or 7 hours... nope, won't happen. I make that drive a couple of times a year and 8 hours is steady driving at around 75 mph with only one brief stop. Traffic at both ends will slow you right down and if you are taking the 5 - the quickest and least scenic route - you will run into truck traffic in the central valley. If you choose the 101 it will take you between 8 1/2 and 10 hours - it's a more scenic route and we often go that way just to enjoy the drive. PCH/Highway 1 - only to be used for meandering and enjoying the views and never when you have a deadline. The 1 only just reopened this summer and should stay that way barring another rockslide. Venice is a bit of an eclectic place - I've not been there for donkey's so I am sure it has all changed - you are close enough to Santa Monica and the other beach cities - Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan - with Long Beach and Huntington Beach a bit further down. Take a look at Crystal Cove in Orange County - they have beach huts for rent - forget trying to book one in advance as it is almost impossible - however, they do have walk-in availability so it's worth checking out as long as you have a back up plan if nothing is available. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_Cove_State_Park https://crystalcove.org/beach-cottages/reserve-now/ If Yosemite is on your agenda bear in mind that it is crowded and accommodation can be hard to come by - that being said, it is an amazing place and you should not pass up the opportunity to visit. And, don't forget to visit the Winchester House in San Jose. Last, do not underestimate the distances involved - make a realistic itinerary and enjoy your holiday.
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