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brand new Bizweld flame resistant overalls for sale


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For all you welders/wannabe welders out there. These are brand new and still in the packaging, got them for me about 9 months ago as I am a wanna be welder but I can't get me beer belly in them. They say they are a large 42-44 inch chest which I am but I can't get in them. Should have sent them back ages ago but too late now, I got a new pair off me lad for the fuller figure, so I have no excuse now not to get in the garage even though its getting colder.


I told me lad he can have the money for them, I am asking £20 paid into me paypal which I know is no where what they cost. Even if you are not a welder they are 10O% cotton and flame retardant so will be great for the garage. pm me if your interested.Thanx for looking, please take the time to look at my other items, oops wrong web site. Christmas is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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