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Anyone in or near Gravesend?


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Fellow shitists, I'm in need of cheap accommodation in or near Gravesend next week for a few days (2-4 at most) ideally not hotel or anything uncheap.


Anyone know of a spare sofa going anywhere? Beer tokens (etc) will be supplied! You also get the honour of having a big blue Citroen parked outside your castle (assuming it makes the journey down from Glasgow without bursting into a huge ball of steam or some shit)


What's the room/sofa share network thing called? I'm sure there's such a thing but just can't recall.



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I was born in Gravesend if that helps. Which it doesn't.


cool, iz therez anywhere to stayz there? Only kidding, I'll probably just get my daily dose of unconscious in teh gutter when visiting.



I don't really remember much of it but the Maternity Ward was comfy enough for the first few nights

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