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The Messerschmitt Owner fleet - contains Mercedes, Ford and three wheel content

messerschmitt owner

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Well, it's been a while since I did any kind of fleet update/report and I am sure the fleet has changed considerably since I last did. More importantly, while some of it is post 2000, it is pretty much all shite now.


We sold Mrs MO's Pug 306 within this very forum and replaces it with a Mercedes 270cdi CLK, which was a bargainous £1800*, 89,700 mile, two owner from new car in one of my favourite colours (black) and with full and comprehensive service history. What's the Merc like? Well, fwiw, I think it's the prettiest car they no longer make, still complicated but unemcumbered with the modern 'computer says  no' engineering. Certainly much less rusty than the model it replaced and a superbly comfortable cruiser. As always, with buying a new car, it has needed a few niggles sorted, the main one of which was an over zealous fan, whch has now been cured by a new coolant temp sensor. It's had a set of glow plugs as one had failed. Got to sort a couple of scrapes on the bodywork, but otherwise it's a lovely clean example.


I put my smart roadster light back on the road after a five year lay up and it has gone from old car to shite classic in the meantime, having reached the end of its depreciation curve and starting to head back up. The smart needed a new starter (rebuilt the old one), new alternator (replaced with the spare and had the old one rebuilt - I can recommend the Starter and Alternator Centre in Cinderford - £36 a unit rebuilt). I gave it a full C service, spark plugs, coolant, all filters, brake drums to rear, etc., and it is running beautifully. So much so, daughter and I are planning a 3000 mile round trip to Lublijana and back next year - Alps both ways, and as many countries as it is possible to visit. 


Messerschmitt requires a new wiring loom fitted (£190 from the owners club and delivered to me at home by a man in a fuel injected, souped up Goggomobil TS400). I have to fit it this winter and then try sort out the gear lever so I can put it back on the road.


Fiat 126 has gone from rusting outside to inside the garage. I need to pull the starter (sticking) and get it rebuilt - yep, you know where... It also needs some welding so I have to order an outer sill and an arch repair panel.


My UMM has been neglected and I am promising myself to get it back on the road.


Ford Transit - the one modern - just keeps going - nothing to see or report here.










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