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advice needed


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I think the carb gasket's leaking air in. Whip it off, clean up the faces, obtain a new gasket even if it's made out of a cereal box* or something like that, plonk it back on and see how you go.



*I'll assume that you know how to do this! As a reminder though, a light smear of clatty, minging engine oil on the base of the carb will form an ideal template to cut round when pressed onto the cardboard, remembering to start cutting out the smallest holes first.

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What model of carburettor is it? See what numbers/letters you can find, let us know. I "might" have one for a 340 of some vague description, cluttering up a drawer in one of my multitudinous sheds.


The Carb is a Webber 32 DIR 104/100, I've also found that some muppet (not me) in the past has connected up the Vacuum lines to the CVT system wrong. The pipe to the solenoid that should be connected to the air cleaner and free to atmosphere was connected into the vac line from the carb with a T piece. I'm going to correct that first and see if it makes any difference.

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Well the CVT vacuum pipes being connected up correctly has made the gear change much better, plus the wheezing noise made by the 4 way valve has stopped. Its still hunting and uneven at idle. Carb service kit was ordered from Webcon yesterday so fingers crossed that new gaskets and a a rubdown of the carb flange will improve matters.


Again i find myself fixing things after the presence of the artful bodger.

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