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  1. OH DEAR ....that Charade NEVER let me down, in the seven years I used it, the cambelt was replaced as a matter of course down here in Cornwall by Fraddam motors, you will see the old one behind the passenger seat along with its box and the idler, so the "new" belt can't be more than a few years old. so sorry you have had a problem Christian. HOWEVER... an identical Maroon one has been spotted running near Bournemouth very recently, so perhaps that's your answer - one each !!! (ask Dugong)
  2. it's "rock-it" science.... you weren't suppose to open that can of rock till Xmas
  3. Congratulations Dugong - should have packed you a supply of oily bacon sarnies too, did you get that old BL radio I waved in front of you ? it WON"T fit the Charade - too deep, Hope to meet up with you sometime, Christian, even the Charade keyring has your name on it; what more could you ask for..... !
  4. Hi John - good luck with your nocturnal train ride tonight, I had the downpipe gasket replaced, no problem. We have been invited to pop in to "Two Smoke 300"'s premises in Redruth, which is an easy one as it's just off the A30 going up the Redruth bypass. So I will lead you in another car and you can double czech all is ok before your jaunt back oop north ! I do hope you will do a "collection" feature on the trip, with the usual baked beanz & bacon pics along with the Gll in mysterious places !! See you in the morning, cheers ( I will have on a black hat)
  5. Calling Junkman, Dugong, Station, and all others who are into 3 -cyl Charades ! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161427143860?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&fromMakeTrack=true#ht_66wt_1016 (can anyone put the 3 pics up for me please and thankyou?) looks like the chinese-eye run out version, can't click on the extra pics unfortunately, but had one of these in black, lots of nice improvement touches everywhere, the steering wheel being one of them..... don't all rush at once, looks like a Portsmouth postcode to me. wonder if it's possible to tow two Charades behind a third ? !!!
  6. A Mooving story sir, well done ! pity you didn't pop in three a cuppa - I am only a few smiles from the end of the world - Lan Zend, and my 3 cylinder production could have had some company too. good to know you didn't get a moove on too.....
  7. thanks for the offer, TwoSmoke - I think that's a must, to swing by you, an Autoshite Charade line-up, brilliant ! I will ride up as I know where you are, cheers! see you next thursday !
  8. I seem to remember I made this mistake on my 327 Vette engine, flushed it out, put in new oil, went for a gentle sunday afternoon drive (as you do, in a Corvette...) and spun a big end shellbearing, engine siezed solid... was only doing 40 mph when it happened, honest officer.
  9. what could be better ? a 3 cylinder 993 cc triple stereo, to keep you humming all the way !
  10. Sorry not to get back to you sooner, am up in Truro again, on another computer; anytime that is good for you, is good for me, but I want to whip it down to Quick-Fit in Penzance to have them replace the metal gasket between manifold and downpipe, it was delivered yesterday, otherwise it may get worse as you drive oop north, and lose power too, it was a small blow which they fixed with some sealannt, but that's only a temp job. Next week would be excellent, and hopefully not so wet either, I did send Dugong an alternative contact number which is better than the crap EE/Orange coverage of the other number he had. said he would give me a bell after work Wed - still waiting !
  11. Hi Phil lihp, where abouts are you exactly, anywhere near the A30 or Exeter ?
  12. a folding moulton has to be the answer - fit it under the "bonnet" !
  13. Hi Junkman, PM replied to....
  14. Hi Trigger - tried to send you a PM, but says you can't accept any more ??? - so here it is, for all to read ! hope that's OK Hi Trigger, just saw your request for more photos / info on my red G11 Charade... I and the car are near Penzance, not sure where your sister is located ? I would prefer it goes to a like-minded autoshiter, who will nurture the car rather than use it as a cheap daily hack; There are no real issues, I have to change a manifold to downpipe gasket, which is already on order, as the mot man found a small blow, and put in some sealant as a temp measure. the offside rear window works, but I think the channel has past its sell by date (common Charade fault on the rears) as the glass can drop down, so I only open it a smidgeon. With the electric steel sunroof, I tend to not use windows at all. Interior is as original.no holes cut for speakers, original (working) AM radio (!) front seats have always had cover on since I've had it. All tools present, owners handbook, old mot's to prove mileage, I am not able to upload any photos here, but can scour Autoshite / Flickr for some others for you, but no interior shots taken. I will be sorry to see it go, but as I have little storage, and go away for the winters, this is the reason for it being on offer. I think it's very fairly priced at what I paid for it a long while back ! cheers from a cold wet cornwall
  15. Correct, sigmund ! you beat me to it, my edit facility is playing up, thanks for that !!
  16. Sorry bout that fellas ! (Station).... I will let it go for 300, as asked last year in the reply to Junkman.... only I had already sorned it by then.... ("As to contents of brown paper bag, well, greenbacks to the tune of what I paid for it would be accepted, was 300 pounds")
  17. Well, SAD TO SAY, but this lonely Charade has just passed yet another MOT, so, with a heavy heart, I offer it once again, only this time it's not Sorned,but taxed till next August - but that means nowt now.... Don't all rush at once (Junkman, this means YOU)
  18. Isn't that the "Starshit Enterprise beam me up Module", that Two smoke 300 so much admires ? looks like it from that angle,
  19. lotsa Fiats have" lollipopswithnuts", - old-style real Fiat 500's,- my 900e also has one, usually complete with factory warning sign saying - "WARNING, may contain lollipops with nuts" nice collection thread too, I enjoyed it immensely, having had lotsafun in a ladyfriends X/19, ULC 19X - wonder if that survived, it was in Bristol at the time. let me know if you want rid of those wheels WITH centre caps !
  20. Well done Phil ! could mate with my red G11 if you play your cards right !
  21. Yup, i'll confirm that's a fact, bonjour Nigel !! having had 14 running R 12 breaks (estates) myself, and still have two halves of the 15th one which never ran in my possession, so I cut it in half to make a chicken coop instead - as you do - so still have lots of spares, but not much salvageable bodywork! only it's about 4000 miles away from you..... just get a 12 and upgrade with Denem quad headlights and some ill -fitting trim panels, no -one will ever know .... ,
  22. hmmm, I wish them luck in their quest - not so easy to find cheap chod down here. -in "almost Franceshire" !!
  23. I believe it would be available at around 800 - is that concidered cheap enough ???
  24. The owner is across the road from me, he's coming over with a starter pack to jump start the Twingo that's been static for 7 months, in a few mins. Par is just south of St.Austell - everything is white there - they ship out the China Clay at Par ! it's about 30 miles east of here.... here we are, 64K from new, tax & MOT till Oct, dark blue, !.8 LS, leccie windows, sunroof, cruise control, a/c needs re-charging.... top spec. leccy mirrors, good stereo, etc etc....
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