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Who wants to rescue some Bavarian Shite?

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BMW '02 (not sure on the capacity)As hunted down by my entertaining if slightly dim-witted friend "Russell":

hi there,sorry for the delayabout the car, i have to move it very soon as i have no doors on my garageand i have some time of work next weeki think it may only be good for spares but a i know nothing about cars...it has been sitting in the garage for about 10 years but if you wish to seeit over this weekend you are well to come and come and see it, but the tyres are flatso you will need a footpump or whatever they are called and it will not be veryeasy to view without pulling it out of the garage so also a towing ropeas i would like to go this weekendi would like to go to a good home, but anyway as im sending this emailto everyone how was interested in itthe first one to give me 75.00 can have it but it must go this weekend

PM me for the vendor's address & tel no. (putting on public forum being a bit naughty)POG

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