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Found 1 result

  1. This is more for my own sanity really, Just somewhere where I can document general maintenance and repairs I do on my little darling. So basically, as my username might suggest, I like my old SEAT's. A Mk1 Ibiza being pretty much on the top of that list (barring a Malaga, however that doesn't look like its going to be possible anytime soon 😂.) It's taken me some years to source a decent one and to actually be in the financial position to buy, however I got my way in the end. I acquired it some 3 months or so ago now and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. Its not the "Porsche System" variant and its not got the cool, early style dashboard with the rocker indicators, however I simply don't care. It's basically perfect. Its had some very sympathetic previous owners who have lavished money on it keeping it in mint condition. One previous owner resorted it at great expense ( I've seen photos of it before and my word, she was in very poor condition). This trend is something I intend on carrying on. Anyway, enough with the soppy shite. Recently I've been having some ignition issues. It was an absolute job to try and get her to start. Even with some good ole' fashioned easy start it was extremely difficult. So I set about diagnosing. She was getting fuel and air no issue whatso ever so my attention turned to spark. It turns out she had a very weak spark. So I immediately ordered a new ignition coil. I was quite surprised at how easy it was trying to find parts. I thought that due to its rarity, parts were going to be a thorn in my side. However I've been proven wrong. Anyway, new ignition coil delivered, i cracked on. Out with the old and in with the new. This job must've taken me all of ooohh maybe 5 minutes and people judge me for liking old cars. I took the opportunity to change both the spark plugs and battery as I wasn't sure on when they were last done and, hey, I wouldn't harm to do it. Good thing I did as the spark plugs were honking of fuel. Now, I'll admit it, I may have made a little bit of a cock up. While removing the air filter I may have sheared a bolt. So I had to address that as well. Out comes the tapping set and time to reverse my fuck up. I know it's not pretty but it'll have to do. All back together and ready for testing. She fired up straight away without a hesitation so I must've done something right! All in all this took me about an hour to do the lot, including the tapping. Not bad for a novice like me lol. Anyways sorry for rambling on. Thanks for reading if you got this far
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