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Found 1 result

  1. I booked this week off in the anticipation of getting huge swaves of work done on the Midget. However as usual with these things, a chest infection has made the grinding dust and welding fumes a bit too nasty to be breathing in (I'm terrible for putting a respirator on). Instead I decided to pop down yesterday to "Britains Newest Car Museum" that was opened by Richard Hammond would you know! They do like to tell you both of those facts regularly. Its only been open a month so far, so very new. The Museum is situated in an old shop in the centre of Taunton. Setup by a local car dealer that has built a collection of vehicles up over the years. I did see the chap floating around (I think investigating building water leaks from the heavy rain we've had recently) but I didn't go up to him for a chat. Website is here: https://www.countyclassicsmotormuseum.co.uk/ I parked around the back in a council public car park. £2.90 for 2 hours was a bit steep for somewhere like Taunton but it literally is right next to the museum. Maybe one of the multi-stories could have been cheaper? There was an easily missed alleyway that took you right to the main street. Proper 60's dingyness. As you're on the main street in the centre, this is a good time to say bye to your better halves to go shopping while you potter around the museum. Entrance isn't particularly grand nor big. However once you're in, its much bigger than that entrance suggests. Entry was £12 for an adult, which isn't too extreme in this day and age really. You don't need an entrance ticket if you want to go in for Coffee/Cake/Sandwiches. I'd already bought something at Greggs (over the road), but decided to support them by having a Chocolate Brownie and an Orange Juice. The area was clean and tidy, with the staff merry and attentive. The coffee shop looks onto the front of the museum exhibits. In yesterdays case, a classic Mini. (I took this photo when I was leaving, hence the empty cabinets)
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