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  1. Remember that stolen/stripped 2cv from a year ago? Well yesterday the owner picked it up after an extensive restoration. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/manchester/comments/aua59s/a_year_ago_today_i_posted_asking_if_anyone_had/
  2. One for sale in Leicestershire: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1988-BEDFORD-KB-PICK-UP-FOR-RENOVATION/202517015111?hash=item2f26f46a47:g:vREAAOSworNb~Vc-:rk:9:pf:0
  3. Here's a bunch of pictures I took. I'd have took more, but they were at that meet I opened a thread about the other week. Seriously?! Fuckinell, a Nexia Belmont! que... (sorry) nice merda di cane bianco, My favourite on the day. "But does anyone drive it anywhere anymore" award winner
  4. My vote goes to the Maserati 3500 GT Touring Superleggera
  5. It's so you can't hear your radio on the motorway, and to jack your insurance price up £200 a year. That's why my T4 is back on steels
  6. I went to Stockport looking for a new pair of shoes this afternoon. Thought I'd get a bargain cos it's the sort of place where trackies and trainers sell like hot cakes. Whilst walking past the steep road up to the old market hall I caught sight of the rear quarter of a Volvo P1800. There was music playing, and I could just make out a Zephyr/Zodiac. Sod the shoe shops for a bit, I'm having a look at this, I thought. Here's the Volvo I was on about: There was a Trigger's brush-spec Austin a30/35, loooking ready for Goodwood An MGB parked in a manner you often find MGB's A Mk1 Cortina Super Forward control rocking horse shit An Allegro estate parked in a manner you often find Allegros A very well cared for Triumph 2000 next to a similarly well cared for Austin 7 A pristine Bel-Air Next to a couple of Crestas it inspired, complete with free photobombers. No idea Ok, slightly less than no idea D'awwww Not sure why it's wearing dartboard rims, but nice nonetheless Non-rusty Magnum Late model Dolly A Cortina estate And a Trevor. There were mods, too. And some rockers A Moto Guzzi V50 This Triumph Trophy sounded great This BSA M21 600 sounded even better All in all, a pleasant diversion from the drudgery of trying on shoes and fending off sales urchins. For those of you who I've not bored to sleep, here's a bonus pic of a Francis Barnett outside a pub in Altrincham yesterday.
  7. Alas, I can't guarantee I'll have the Mercedes back on the road by the time the show happens, so the only worn out transport equipment I'd be able to bring would be my legs, and they certainly aint worth polishing and putting on public display. Great to see yous all at Didsbury park, Hope to catch up with you again at Woodsmore.
  8. Who needs deltics when you can use bananas?
  9. North Wales is prime giffer territory, so it could be worth checking obsolete ways of advertising IE newsagent windows, the back of the daily post, that "customer advertising" board in supermarkets that decrepit people use instead of ebay etc.
  10. https://livetiming.azurewebsites.net/events/20/results Alas, foxtail manta is in the pits with oil pressure problems
  11. I had similar symptoms with one of my vans. Turned out a shred of drive belt had made it into where the timing belt goes round the crank pulley and knocked the timing out. At first it started sounding (even more) like an old tractor. Ten miles down the road it started shitting blue smoke out the exhaust as well. Bloke who mended it was like: "you're lucky it's not a vivaro mate, when this happens to them it snaps the timing belt. Sent from my D5503 using Tapatalk
  12. It maybe worth giving the thermostat a quick coat of looking at with a pan of boiling water whilst the coolant's out, maybe the reason for its temperature issues. Edit: Cancel this remark, I've just read page 5 of this thread
  13. I've got 'em on all 4 sides of my Berlingo. They seem OK, in wet or dry weather. The ditchfinder industry seems to have raised its game in recent years.
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