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  1. Heinzy

    Rover 75 Torch

    Yea these nice little touches are great.
  2. Heinzy

    Rover 75 Torch

    Yea I have seen you can get an led bulb, but in all honesty prob not change it as it will never get used. Its a bit like the electric rear window blind, a nice touch too but Cannot think of an instance when you would ever use that lol.
  3. Heinzy

    Rover 75 Torch

    Must have been an option to all BMW’s I suspect, not sure whether you could get one with a new beemer?
  4. Heinzy

    Rover 75 Torch

    Wow yea bet they are even rare Right!
  5. Heinzy

    Rover 75 Torch

    Hehe you’ve not lived till you’ve had a torch in your centre console.....mind you my phone torch is a million times brighter.. kinda pointless in one way but a nice touch if l ever flog the car
  6. Couldn’t believe my look, an original R75 torch dated July 1999 came up for sale on ebay. Snapped it up! I reckon there quite rare second hand let alone brand new. Fitted it this morning and charged it up and works great. Thought the rechargeable batt would but knackered after 20 years but ran it for 30 mins this afternoon before switching it off and didn’t fade. I believe they were a bmw product as l had one in my mid 90s 525d.
  7. Haha l also wondered why secondhand power folds sell for so much. I won’t be fitting them as not on the car from new, but admit would be great as the car won’t go in the garage without folding them in
  8. That’s very odd if the power fold mirrors were paid for and not added,,,wow l would have liked them on mine....useful for the garage ineresting to see a pic of the low line set up too ?
  9. I found these articles too.
  10. Yes the low line I think gave instructions on the IPK screen between the speedo clocks The functions for it were on the top right of the radio It still had the boot mounted cd (early) and dvd disc computer. Personal Line trim was £250.00
  11. This is the 1999 price list..
  12. Yes I believe a lot of BMW owners have bought the Alpine board monitors and the other from scrap 75s for their cars, tbh l don’t think there was that many rovers overall had them fitted. All the Launch’s cars did but the cost as an option to all others including the Connie Se was an eye watering £2300.00 in 1999.
  13. That’s great l would be interested if it’s for sale as a spare. ?
  14. Thanks, it is a cheap car but l really enjoy doing stuff on it. Quite rewarding bringing these old cars up to scratch. ?
  15. 2015 is the latest cd disc currently available for the Mk1 computer I believe. Yes lots of newer updates for the dvd system. Actually the cd computers themselves are getting very difficult to obtain now too for early systems!
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