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  1. Don't bother, that's my advice.
  2. I thought my cock was the pinnacle of human engineering - that's why my ex now lives in Finland. She's now a dishwasher tablet.
  3. I love how every modern is instantly slated on here for poor rearward visibility but a C4 with a letterbox slit for a tailgate pane compounded by a spoiler is fine. It's one of the reasons I went for the five door when I bought mine. The distorted rear view of the VT/SX (can't really remember and don't really care) put me off completely. The VTSs aren't that quick either; too many revs and too much weight to pull along. They're probably rocket ships compared to a 1.0 Corsa, but there's a wealth of stuff available for under a grand that would tan a VTS. Diesels are (guardedly) fine provided you let them get up to temperature every run, service them with the correct low ash oil (Total Quartz Ineo ECS) and never, ever go over the change intervals. I went over with mine because I was comically skint (a much needed raise was eight months late), clogged the turbo feed pipe and starved the head of oil. I'm a stupid twat, but hey, work should have hurried up with the Benjamins. It's back on the road now with a recon engine and box. Happy days.
  4. Yue Loong Feeling 2000 Turbo 'Horsey Horseless' edition.
  5. I log in and out of Facebook whenever the mood takes me. I don't have it on screaming for attention in the background any more.
  6. Ruffgeezer, m9. Can you muck your PM box out pls?
  7. This reminds me of the Whitby goth weekend. I went once and got really stoned and ate an entire lemon drizzle cake, stared at the floor in a cafe for about three or four hours then fell asleep. I missed all the talent. Twat.
  8. Did he leave the gas on? Was he a squirrel?
  9. I am so wealthy I go to laundrettes. Sometimes they let me in.
  10. Hammer a larger wheel / council / electric vehicle / combi boiler / Vauxhall Corsa / Brexit thread over it.
  11. How much? Fart me down for two. Edit: baws. Any more available?
  12. Is there no work in that industry now? [sadly] I would have thought there was always a need.
  13. Yo I have a couple of these for sale if you wanna add to your collection?
  14. Well, all us cockwombles have cash exploding out of our pores; just last week I wiped my arse with a £50 note. Giles is even handed in the stuff he writes - and that book filled in a few gaps in my knowledge back in the day - said the cockwomble closing ranks.
  15. Nah, what you want is one of those self-immolating Renault Trafic turbo ambulances, the perfect thing for finishing off burns victims in an emergency. I'd have a lot of fun with a Sherpa V8 illness bus; I'd give it an hour before I turned it over.
  16. My take on this thread: Junkman wanted a good low-mileage 4.6 engine and box for his P6 flotilla. That he gets to use a P38 until the MoT runs out is a bonus. I was really confused when I saw the start of the thread until I realised his game plan. I'd just have the pug parked nearby if I had a long trip planned. The trip to the winter Buxton toy fair'll be fun.
  17. WHAT?! I didn't know Quicks supplied Australian Fords! If we're on about Yank stuff in Manchester we must discuss Bauer Millett. Saw my first Allante on Deansgate in the late 'Eighties as a little lad; it must have come from there. There's one that appeared up at the Northern Bygones Rally a little while ago. I thought it was South African but the owner put me right. WW 'Cudas all seem to be of a similar spec / colour as well. I also want to take issue with the tedious fanbois who claim RHD factory built cars like that WW Barracuda 'aren't proper Yanks.' Yeah, having a more usable American car with a steering wheel on the right side of the road for the country you live in is a right pain in the arse, isn't it? Delightful people like that would put me off joining any Colonial car club right off the bat. Vehicles like that WW Barrcuda were designed and engineered by the people who built the LHD home market cars - they're hardly butchering them with Sturmey Archer cast-offs in a shed. Go back to your line dancing class in Burnley and speaking in a faux-down home accent. Nothing inauthentic about that at all.
  18. Warwick Wright in London sold RHD A body Plymouth Barracudas direct from the factory.
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