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Found 4 results

  1. Had this little honey delivered today from the Autoshite legend that is RobT who saved it from the crusher. Has a few issues - biggest of all is rough running / misfire at idle. Top suspect is the inlet manifold gasket which was kindly supplied. Needs a proper service since the previous giffer owner seems to have been ripped off by his local garage - the air filter is black as fuck and the spark plugs fitted are probably not the correct ones. OSF sidelight is inop - broken wire. Upon investigating I found some top class wiring repairs to the lighting harness: Yes, twisted together wires covered in masking tape. Lovely. All in all it’s very clean and tidy though - 33k on the clock!
  2. There are many, many reasons why I shouldn't buy any more cars, space, time, money to start with.... In my defence I expected to be outbid on ebay, so it was relatively cheap. This is why I should not read the ebay tat thread, I buy things I don't need. I did consider not doing a collection thread for this, but the last time I collected a vehicle without doing a thread/post I ended up getting home at gone midnight in a loan car (an Astra) and the vehicle I purchased arriving 36 hours later on a flatbed after multiple FTP on the drive home. So here begineth the collection, breakfast: Bacon sandwich with a latte. To be followed by a drive to the train station, multiple trains, ending up with me in the deep South of England. it's almost France, but not quite. Estimated (according to trains) time to destination is after 13:00 this afternoon … so there's lots of time before I get there.
  3. This is kicking off first thing tomorrow... First Class train ticket booked, don’t cha know
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