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  1. Well here’s my new toy, one my missus has already claimed as her own despite the protests regarding its purchase. Anyway I digress, so here’s some pics a list of things to do. Negative points worthy of note; the wings are the wrong silver, several small patches of corrosion, not the best rubber but loads of tread so they’re staying, poverty spec ICE and the scuttle panel is worn and split (and lacks the mounting nuts). Positive points? There are some. For example all new shocks and springs in the last two years (including some alloy block which goes wrong?), annual service which I believe the bloke about, auto box with a fluid change two years ago, low tax (for an auto!) and otherwise a tidy example. Oh and two keys, which is nice for once. Stuff to do NoobTune FTW! Clean and treat hood Wing mirror mounts faded and slightly corroded Aircon needs gas m9 [Done Dec ‘23] Rusty bits Wings…? Might just leave then to be honest, not sure I’m that bothered Stuff done Replaced rear calipers and new pads (Brembo). Discs were fine. (27/06/2022) Cleaned front calipers, replaced sliders and rubbers. New Brembo pads installed. (03/07/2022) Replaced bonnet badge and wheel centres. Topped tyres off as all under pressure (06/07/2022) Installed ICM2 and Aux in to the arm rest cubby. (17/07/2022) Installed new Exide battery (17/07/2022) Replaced a key fob case (17/07/2022) Brakes fettled at the garage (19/07/2022) Two new springs and one new top mount (19/07/2022) Welding and track rod end for MOT (21/02/2023) ICE Upgrade - ICM2 with Aux in installed, now with SaabPlus Bluetooth module (13/04/2023) New back box fitted (15/08/2023) Oil and filter change (07/09/2023) Plugs replaced (15/10/2023) AC inspected, serviced and recharged (12/12/2023) New radiator cap. Fuel filter replaced for MOT (05/03/2024) It’s an odd spec. It’s a Vector with the pov spec audio but with several speakers, five I think (last count seven). It’s got memory seats, cruise, auto wipers, dimming rear view mirror, CD but no multidisc, autobox with button shift (which is brilliant by the way) and fogs. Otherwise what a joy. Well planted with a lovely gearbox and a good amount of pace, nice driving position, minimal buffeting with the roof down and my missus likes it. So far so good?
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