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Fancy giving a Renault 25 V6 life again?


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Afternoon Shiters, hope the weekend is going well!


OK guys, as much as I wanted to save it, I'm afraid a lack of funds, space and an Avantime in dire need of an MOT are preventing my continuation of what could have been a very rewarding project! The background:


1989 Renault 25 2.9 V6 Injection Auto. with all the options including the ultra rare Ergonomic Pack. Number plate is DBZ 8700 and it has 112,000 miles (or around that). Was parked up around 10 years ago after fear that the head gasket was failing. About 4 years ago, the owner was about to scrap it, but one of my Renault-mad mates jumped in and saved it from the crusher. He has lots of land, took the car home, and never did anything with it. I asked to have a go at saving the old girl and right enough I took it home the day he bought my Laguna V6 off me.


I didn't get much time over the summer to really get stuck in. We had the starter turning over no problem and the engine really sounded like it wanted to go. But then it started to rain. The car has one of those stupid aftermarket alarm things, with the box below the glovebox and miles of wires going into and around. The plipper locks and unlocks the doors fine but this should be considered another possibility of why it won't go. Now, the final straw for me came about a month ago when I connected the battery to have another go and.... nothing. The battery came straight out of a Laguna I scrapped and is relatively new, but the car wasn't taking any power at all. Possibility of some vital connection having disintegrated somewhere. I will try the battery from the Avantime on it tomorrow and report back. When the electrics were working it was a lovely car to just sit in and play with the gadgets. Everything worked except the wipers and radio. Even the voice synthesizer spoke to warn of a low fuel level :D


The engine oil certainly has water in it, but is perhaps just an effect of being sat up so long. The pictures show the car on it's spare wheel, the 4th original alloy is in the boot, so there's a full set of those. The car is completely original apart from the alarm system, and has a really great body and interior. It's very solid underneath and the only rust visible on the bodywork is a small hole below the window on the back drivers side door.


I have replaced NO parts, changed NO fluids and I really do believe this old girl would be fit to tour the roads once more in the right hands. I'm actually properly feeling guilt here as I write this as I didn't take advantage of the summer at all. It's taking up one of my three very valuable spaces and I know I won't get round to doing anything until next summer. My Avantime has a pretty lengthy to do list already, and I have a £120 Espace arriving soon which will no doubt keep me occupied.


I am in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which I know rules most of you out, but I thought it'd be worth a go. I will accept less than scrap value, so if the worst is true and she is beyond help, you shouldn't lose out.


Imagine yourself relaxing into those truly remarkable seats, adjusting all the air pockets to sculpt around your arse, slipping it into D (if it's still there) and cruising around town in your gas guzzling frenchie waiting for the voice synthesizer to announce the next fault. Bliss




















Any further questions or viewings most welcome :)

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Thanks Men. :D


I can confirm that she is in fact electrically dead. I put the fully charged beast of a battery from the Avantime on it and nothing. Could be a loose connection, could also be a complete meltdown of everything. Perhaps the grave is the only place for it.... :(

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you probably know that the standard Renault battery terminals are shite. They may look ok but don't connect properly.


But even if the R25 starts the it is not really worth fixing. The auto box, its electronics and ATF cooler in front of the right wheel are far too fragile and a pain to work on.

They are great if everything is right. The seats are excellent and I love the noise of the V6. On Friday I was chauffeured in an identical one - blue with velour interior - the owner had just replaced its box and spent hundreds. The R25 can mean cheap motoring, autos usually are not. Too bad that Britian did not get manual V6es.


Thus keep the interior, sell the engine to Pete. :)



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Could be a loose connection, could also be a complete meltdown of everything. Perhaps the grave is the only place for it.... :(


apart from the obvious (the battery connections!) I say blame the ignition switch, ignition switch faults tend to take out whole lines of a car's lectrix. It's like a car stroke

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You can get a manual if you bought a V6 Turbo!!

Being honest this looks to be an excellent spares car,the seats are very rare with the ergomatic option,and it would have loads of spares for someone,put on fleabay?


If I was on the mainland it would be on fleabay already, but I really doubt the NI population would be interested....

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